Monday, October 21, 2013

So... I suck.

I truly wanted to keep up with the 31 Day Challenge.  And I would have - if I hadn't gotten such great news that it took every second of my time and became my top priority.

I left my teaching position in June but didn't expand my job search beyond education until the end of August/beginning of September.  By mid-September I had to come to terms with the possibility of working part time for a while until a full time position became available.  I went to job fairs and printed resumes; I interviewed for insurance sales that required a very large financial investment (that I definitely did not have) on my part, and for other positions in which I knew I would be miserable.  I was told my B.A. in Political Science meant nothing and that if I wanted to prove that I wasn't a "bored housewife" (true quote), I needed to go get a certification from a tech school to work in billing or coding in a hospital.

Then I interviewed at a non-profit for a part time administrative assistant position.  I thought it went well.  I didn't hear anything for a week, so I wrote it off. I applied for roughly 10 jobs every day for a while, and even used a staffing service. I received a rejection from a tutoring company because I didn't meet their needs (when I taught economics and government and am certified for all social studies for grades 6-12 in Georgia... WTF).

Then, I saw a listing on Monster for a part time retail position.  I swore it would have to be a great opportunity to get me to go back to retail, and it was.  It was for a company I worked for briefly during my student teaching and beginning of my teaching career, and it was for a key holder position.  If you don't know what that is, it is a pseudo-managerial position, but with less stress.  They called and we set up an interview.

A day later, that non-profit called back and scheduled a round two interview.  I agreed to that as well, thinking at least I would get one of them.

I interviewed at the non-profit on Thursday afternoon and thought I blew it.  I called my friend who works for a different segment of the company and was venting when they called to offer me the job.

I still went to the interview for the retail position the next morning.  I was offered that job the following Monday. 

I accepted both.  Which means I am working constantly and have had to get a planner (complete with a menu planning section) to manage all the household schedules since Mr. Firefighter and I are both working two jobs.

Oh... and I accepted a position as Vice President of Fundraising for my sorority's alumnae chapter.  To plan our annual fundraising efforts.

Stick around, I promise I will be posting more regularly when I get into my new work groove and can do more than come home and fall asleep.  I was off from both jobs today and have literally been on my sofa with Preppy Pup watching tv and napping all day, and finally got up enough energy to pull out my laptop.  So I'm here... just busy. :)

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