Wednesday, October 2, 2013

31 Days of Newlyweds - Honeymoon Phase

Y'all, Mr. Firefighter and I seriously had one of the best honeymoons ever.  Were there some things that we wish had gone a tad differently?  Of course.  But overall, we had the time of our lives.  We went to Cancun for a week and stayed in a beautiful all-inclusive resort.  We actually were very budget-conscious when we picked our honeymoon and went through Groupon, but it turned out to be a GREAT decision.  We went jet-skiing, snokeling (which, if you've ever gone on an all-day adult-only snorkeling trip, you know is more party than snorkel), got a couples' open-air massage, and went to see Mayan Ruins in Chichen Itza (my history nerd took over that day).  We also really enjoyed our private beach with canopy beds and VIP pool that we shared with resident peacocks.  Yep, peacocks.

I say all this to explain that it truly was magical. That "honeymoon phase" that everyone is always referring to?  This was IT!  We were THERE! We were alone and on our own and in bare minimum contact with everyone back home.


But we had tiffs.  And mishaps.  Convincing your husband of less than 48 hours that the entire souvenir budget doesn't need to be spent in Atlanta's amazing duty-free shops while you have a BLAZING migraine from staying up all night packing (and I mean until 4 am when we left to drive to Atlanta) is loads of fun.  And that magical massage?  I (due to not working out in 6 months per doctor's instructions) had a HORRIFIC reaction.  All the lactic acid in my muscles worked its way into my system and that caused so much pain I doubt I could ever describe it.  It literally hit when I was in the middle of getting ready for our special "honeymoon only" dinner.  I dropped my hair dryer and sat on the bathroom floor feeling like I was going to die from the aches and pains and nausea.  Imagine the worst flu-like symptoms ever, then multiply it by 100.  You're getting close.  Oh, and after Mr. Firefighter managed to get me downstairs to our beautiful private dining room, I ordered water and a diet coke with lime to settle my stomach - he ordered Jack and diet coke.  They brought us both Jack and diet.  Never has an unintentional sip of alcohol made me want to die more.  I was seriously facebooking my maid of honor (yeah, I was THAT upset that my phone went to dinner in case I had to make any last calls to loved ones) asking if she thought I was pregnant when Mr. Firefighter realized what happened and why I was so ill.

I guess this is my long-winded way of saying that, just like your wedding, nothing afterward will go exactly as planned or expected either.  It will be great, it will be wonderful, it will be a blast to look back on - but even a honeymoon phase can require a little "grin and bear it" to get through.  But you know what?  You now have a partner who is holding your hand through it all.  And that makes ANYTHING worthwhile.

P.S. Please ignore both my husband's look of constipation - he lost his sunglasses and we hadn't gotten him a new pair yet - and our blinding white skin.  What looked tan for our wedding clearly had a way to go.

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