Thursday, August 22, 2013

Temporary Home and First World Problems

Mr. Firefighter and I have temporarily moved out of our house due to plumbing and A/C problems.  This is how I realized what a spoiled brat I am.

Preppy Pup and I had to spend the night in our hotel last night alone because Mr. FF was working.  Everything looked nice until I decided it was time to go to bed.  I walked from the living/cooking area (since we are out for more than just a couple of days, our insurance company put us in one of the nicer executive suites that is more like a one bedroom apartment) into the bedroom, having changed into pajamas and washed my face much earlier in the evening.  That's when I realized that what I'd thought was the comforter folded at the bottom of the bed was truly just an accent throw and the bedding was really just two rather thin sheets.  I searched the closets and all drawers and cabinets, but no other blanket or bedding was there.  I called the front desk but the person working the night shift did not understand my problem because, after all, it is Georgia in August.  Who really needs all those layers?  Me.  I do.  Even though I was sleeping in long sleeves and long pants.  I turn the A/C down as far as I am allowed and bundle up - that's how I sleep.  I eventually pulled the faux comforter up on top of Preppy Pup and me, along with one of our fleece throws I'd brought to be able to use on the sofa.  I will be getting one of our comforters from our house (we can still be at our house during the day, we just have no running water to actually be able to live out of it - in a week or so, the A/C will be shut off so they can replace all duct work and insulation so it won't be comfortable for us to be there).

If that was the biggest "problem" I had to deal with, I wouldn't have even mentioned it to Mr. FF.  Then I got up this morning (after not sleeping well due to the nonexistence of thick curtains to pull over the windows looking out into the headlight-filled parking lot) to shower and get ready to come back to our house for a little while, only to find when I jumped in the shower that there was no hot water.  It barely got anywhere above Arctic.  I sucked it up, thinking maybe there was a problem with the hot water heaters since it was fairly early and most of the people in the hotel are in town to work so they were up showering and getting ready also.  I called the front desk after I got out of the shower and returned to the cocoon in the bed to warm up and verify my explanation.

No.  They are an "eco-friendly" hotel and DON'T HAVE HOT WATER.  They have water that gets as warm as the health department requires, but no higher.  The suggestion I got was to take a bath and heat water on the stove or in the microwave to add to the lukewarm water.  Seriously??  I cannot believe I am the first person to be upset by this.

Then I thought about it on my ten minute drive back to our house. We own a home and have a warranty and insurance on it that is taking care of us when something goes wrong with it.  We have food to eat.  I have the luxury of having a pet that I can afford to feed.  I had to send jewelry to a relative's house (along with Mr. FF's firearms) because it hasn't been added to our insurance yet - who has to do that?

I am fortunate to only be experiencing these superficial first world problems.  Do I have other, non-superficial problems?  Yes, but I have the capacity to deal with those.  I have a home, clean water (well, at the hotel - the water at home is iffy for the moment, but you get my point), and food.  We are blessed and I'm glad that it took a silly little thing like a cold shower to remind me.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

New Distraction Blog

I'm going to start a new offshoot of this blog to focus on my new "housewifely" duties - cooking, cleaning tips, and all of my craft and DIY successes and failures.  You can find me here, at Mrs. Preppy Housewife.  Please follow and share with anyone else you think would be interested.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Post-Wedding Blues

So... blah. We've been back home from our honeymoon for a few weeks now, and while our wedding was AMAZING, as was our honeymoon, those are posts to come later.  This is for now.

I don't know what to do with myself.  I threw myself into wedding planning and now I have... nothing.  I am slowly but surely organizing everything and getting situated in our house, but I get overwhelmed trying to do it all on my own.  As I said before, I left my job at the end of last school year, so I am watching and applying for jobs, but that only takes up so many hours of the day.  With Mr. Firefighter as the sole provider (for now... I get a paycheck through the end of the month so I will be getting less picky about jobs after that), I don't feel like I can ask him to come home after a 24 hour shift at the fire station or after an 8-12 hour shift at his part-time job working on a private ambulance (yes... he gets too bored if he stays home) and help me with the house.  For now I'm Holly Housewife... and it is KILLING ME.

On top of that, we are having trouble with our house.  We have busted pipes and are supposed to "minimize" our water consumption because the plumbers can't come and start work until Tuesday (which, considering our drain line carrying WASTE to the sewer system is emptying under our house and flooding the crawl space... making my house a mosquito haven and me cough constantly, is RIDICULOUS.  Plus, the THREE plumbers who came last week to see the problem ALL made fun of my new monogram welcome mat that has LED lights that turn on when someone steps on it.  Stupid boys who don't get it.).  For me - whose main contribution to our household now is doing laundry, cooking, and cleaning - this puts me at even less activity during the day.

Even with various and assorted appointments during the week, I am at a loss of what to do to fill those other hours.  I inherited a sewing machine from my dad (which was actually my mom's from my childhood and he got it in the divorce... don't ask) and thought about doing a lot of DIY design to change up our house, so I dropped it off last Monday to be "tuned up" and made ready for use.  I also helped my mother clean out her fabric stockpile last week and took lots of goodies for me, and I found a ton of good things on sale or clearance at JoAnn's, Hancock, and Hobby Lobby.  Which made the phone call Friday (when my machine was supposed to be READY, not just beginning to be worked on) telling me that they had to order a part and my machine wouldn't be ready until at least next Friday.  In the meantime, I stocked up on patterns (on sale from 70 cents to $1.99, down from $11.95-$17.95) and other sewing notions and ordered a few how-to books on Hopefully this will prove to be a good distraction.  This also means DIY-themed posts - be warned.

Does anyone have any other suggestions - job avenues I might not have thought of (Political Science degree), cheap or free activities for me or me and the hubs, etc.?