Saturday, July 6, 2013

Remember me? From, like, 2 years ago? No?

So after a much-needed and overdue hiatus, I am back.  With news.  Lots of news.

1st - in limbo and not sure if I am still a teacher or not.  I left my position at the rural school where I taught for 2 1/2 years for several reasons that I won't be discussing on this blog.  I have had interviews for other teaching positions closer to my home (I had been driving ~80 miles round trip every day) but the first was given to someone with previous experience at that school and the second, for which I was told by my insiders that I was a frontrunner), has been put on a hiring freeze so I doubt that will com through.  I am paid through August for my teaching contract, so I am in no hurry to find anything until after July 28th.  Why that date you ask?  Well....

2nd - I'M GETTING MARRIED.  That's right, y'all, married.  We are getting married July 20th and heading on our honeymoon July 22nd-28th.  My guy, who will get a full introductory post soon, is a great guy that I have known for almost 15 years (we met in 6th grade... cue the "aww's").  He has a 3 year old son that is awesome and crazy (like EVERY 3 year old boy), so we will see how this OCD, Type A, not a hair out of place, don't-get-that-on-my-clothes, anti-outside without tons of bug spray girl adjusts to being a step-mama (although I have an awesome role model as my stepmother is the BEST) and wife. Oh, and y'all... he is a firefighter.  Yep.

3rd - I totaled the car that I got after my last post.  Yes, I am that accident-prone.  This time it wasn't my fault though.  A dump truck had faulty breaks and rear-ended me at a red light.  I didn't get up and go to work from that one, not for almost 2 weeks. 

4th - I will be guest-blogging for Wed Pics after I get back from the honeymoon.  I am debating doing more online, from-home work so hopefully this will help!

So... I am back! For those of you still following (not consciously, just because you never realized there was an absence of posts and forgot to find me and unfollow I'm sure), please stick around!

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