Saturday, July 6, 2013

Mr. Firefighter

Mr. Firefighter and I met in 6th grade homeroom.  I was the new kid who had moved from another state (although that state was, like, a mile away) and didn't know anyone. Cue this kid in baggy jeans (he was a JNCO kid) to start quoting The Waterboy.  I swear, if I heard "ma-ma-ma-ma-mama says" once a day, I heard it a thousand times a day.  I quickly realized this boy was to be ignored.

Which I tried to do 14 years later in the grocery store.  I had just gotten back to town from being at work giving the SAT (or ACT, I can't remember) on  a SATURDAY.  Since you don't know the impact of that, let me explain.  When I worked on Saturdays to give the SAT or ACT, I had to be at work at 7:00.  That is almost an hour before I had to be at work on a weekday.  That means Miss Preppy had day-old dirty hair that had been made decent (decent enough for teenagers to ignore while freaking out about a test and I graded papers) by dry shampoo and a curling wand, minimal makeup, and was wearing a light-weight sweater, jeans, and boots.  Completely not the polished look I strive for.

Imagine my surprise that as I was rushing through the store picking up a few things while chatting on my cell about a potential date, I heard my name shouted from across the meat department (romantic, no?).  Oh, &*^$, I mentally screamed.  I told my friend to keep talking so I would have an escape route, turned around and saw... this guy that I could barely remember from middle and high school.  This guy whose last name I couldn't remember for the life of me and didn't even want to really try.  Although he HAD improved massively since we graduated (at which point he had progressed from JNCOs to Dixie Outfitters shirts and boots.  If you have to ask, don't.  It's painful.) We made polite conversation for all of 45 seconds and I made my excuses and walked away, still on the phone. 

He clearly didn't give up that easily.  He ran around the grocery store looking for me, didn't see me so he gave up, only to find me in the checkout line.  He came up behind me (sadly, I had finished my phone call so I didn't have any distractions) and trapped me in.  After some more small talk and awkward chit-chat, he asked me what my plans were for that night.  I was vague and he invited me to go out with some of his friends.  For a BACHELOR PARTY.  WTH? I quickly paid for my groceries and said my goodbyes.  I did, however, wait to see what kind of car he got in when he walked out a minute after me (which ended up being a truck).  Superficial, yes. But had I not done that, I most definitely would have ignored the Facebook request I got thirty minutes later because all I could remember about him were the however many years old Camaro he drove in high school (all I remembered was 80s, early 90s red car though), braces, super short hair, and ROTC.

We Facebook messaged for a few weeks and I ignored all the plans he tried to make or made up excuses.  I had a failed blind date or two during that time.  At some point I realized he could see when I read the messages versus when I responded to them (and the sometimes 48 hour gap), so we exchanged phone numbers so I could come off as less rude.  And finally, when all of my friends were busy and Preppy Pup was at her trainer's for an overnight stay, I got bored. And anxious because my baby wasn't home with me.  So I decided to go to dinner... except all of my friends were busy.  I texted Mr. Firefighter and he immediately said yes.  I told him I would meet him after my run and quickly went and got cuter running clothes than what I'd thrown on, went for a 30 minute run, then met up with him.  Or I thought I was, but he was 30 minutes late.  The fact that we talked for over two hours (on a week night when I had to work the next day) was a definite mark in his favor.  Unbeknownst to me, he had cancelled plans with another girl that night as soon as he got my text asking him to dinner.

Not knowing what a player he was, I decided to take things really slow.  I was going out with friends for Halloween that Saturday and spend all day working on my costume and asking Mr. Firefighter advice via text.  He kept offering to help, but I kept putting him off and saying I didn't need help.  I went out with my friends and he went to a costume party.  I got bored and kept checking Facebook and texting him how bored I was, hoping he would show up without me having to ASK him to show up.  Then I saw the picture on Facebook.  The picture of him with another girl as half of a couple's costume.  I quickly wrote him off and texted him "Nice costume, FRIEND" so he would get the message. Because clearly, I was not jealous at all...

That was the first and last time he went out with that girl (remember how he was planning a bachelor party?  He met her at that wedding). Or any other girl.  Despite the flowers I got the next week and the dinner dates, he didn't really have me until he took me to Election Day parties and two weeks later took care of me when I got Pink Eye. 

And that is the unabridged version of how we [re]met. :)

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