Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Ok, so I'm still working on changing the pictures in my layout, but bear with me please!

This week we are administering the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) every day, so my work schedule is kind of messed up... I'm in the media center for my first four classes because they are testing in the rooms I use, then I have a classroom for my last two classes. This doesn't work well for last minute review (my students take the social studies GHSGT for the last time before graduation Thursday) since I don't have the same resources for all of my classes.

On the bright side, I held two afterschool tutoring sessions for the social studies GHSGT, one last Thursday and one yesterday, and had great attendance at both. It gives me hope that my kids are taking this seriously. Fingers are crossed and prayers are being said that they pass Thursday... this is the MOST stressful week at school. At least we have an AWESOME principal who declared it jeans week for teachers... not having to dress in heels and things makes it easier to relax. Case in point: I am wearing Seven jeans, a Vineyard Vines pink and green plaid oxford, and Sperrys to work today.

In other news... I have a new puppy (well, technically I got him March 6th)! He will be added to the Fur Family pics on the right side. He is a mess... his name is Lil Wayne but we're calling him Weezy (Can you tell my preppiness got outvoted? I wanted Charlie!)...

I took the last of my certification tests on Saturday and I have absolutely no idea how I did, it really could go either way. I will get my scores back April 25th, so please keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Spring break is next week for us, so you will hopefully be getting more updates then!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ten new pairs of shoes in one weekend... I have a problem.