Monday, January 3, 2011

Today's interview was my first for a teaching position. That being said, I feel that it went extremely well, but I have nothing to compare it to, so it could have gone horribly for all I know. The run down on the job is this:
  • 5 month contract, no benefits BUT I will get a first year teaching salary so that will help (not to mention after two years, I'm finally back on Mama's insurance - the ONLY part of that bill that I don't discuss I find beneficial - so that won't really be an issue)
  • position is for teaching study skills for students who haven't passed the state graduation test in social studies (basically making sure they are able to pass and graduate because it's their last chance to do so)
  • floating position (meaning I will have no classroom to myself... I will use empty rooms throughout the day and have a desk in one of the rooms)
  • in a rural county 40 miles away where the entire system is under a million grants and other plans that put severe restrictions and requirements on the school
  • fabulous resources in each classroom - laptops for students, interactive white boards in every room, any supply you need
I've heard from someone that I know at the school that I'm the front-runner for the position, but until they recommend whoever to the board for hiring on the 11th, I won't officially know anything.

I've also started Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred AGAIN since the last time I tried it I came down with something midway through. I am in a good friend's wedding February 5th and before the holidays I didn't need any alterations to my dress except hemming and I REFUSE to have it let out, so I will be getting toned if it kills me.

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