Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Remember this post? I was very upset... very hurt and angry that people would go out of their respective ways and leave negative comments. The world doesn't need that kind of extra negativity floatin' around it, which is why I chose to dis-allow it by doing moderated comments.

Truthfully, no negative comments have been attempted since, so I'm hoping that means these Negative Nancy's (Nancies?) have un-bookmarked and un-targeted my blog as an outlet for their frustrations.

So, after much contemplation (really, I'm not 100% positive I want to do this, if it backfires it will only add to the stress I'm under right now), I have decided to let y'all comment without being moderated.

And I'd like to thank all of you that left a comment on the last post. Things are still up in the air, but the cream really does seem to be working miracles again. I'm waiting on referrals to both an allergist and a dermatologist to come through, and to be able to work around my upcoming teaching schedule to make appointments. I love and appreciate each and every one of you, thank you again for all of your support, from the bottom of my heart.



  1. I'm sure this wasn't an easy decision, but I think it's the right one!

    And if anyone is rude to you, just tell me and I'll give them a virtual bitch slap! But really, I just read a book on blogging from the Huffington Post and they had a whole section on negative comments, i.e. separating those that merely disagree with you from the people who are just there to push your buttons. Good luck!

  2. I think it's terrible that people would do that; I just don't understand why people feel the need to go around leaving negative comments. It's a good thing they stopped harassing you, because I just found your blog and it's so cute! You are so pretty and you seem like you're really genuine, so I followed :)


    Please check out my blog if you have time. Thank you :)

  3. miss you, s. wine nights aren't the same. visit me soon xoxo