Sunday, January 16, 2011


On the to-do list for today?
  1. Work from 12-4 (I'm staying at my holiday job for weekends... keeping a little additional income plus my discount.)
  2. Return some things to Banana Republic.
  3. Figure out outfits for work (mall) tomorrow and the rest of the week (new job!).
  4. Buy plane tickets Tampa for the wedding I'm in in several weeks.
  5. Coordinate flights with Preppy in Pumps, who is flying down from Knoxvegas.
  6. Figure out how to book our hotel room and split it three ways.
  7. Try on my bridesmaid dress that FINALLY arrived so we can pin and hem it up (crossing my fingers that my slightly chunky arse has not spread any wider and that the dress will still fit correctly...).
Convince Mr. Preppy to go see Life As We Know It at the $2 theater tonight -- I've seen it, but he hasn't, and I want to see it again. I'm trying to convince him with the whole "set in Atlanta, Josh Duhamel works for the Hawks, rides a motorcycle" stuff of boy-interest.

What are you lovelies doing today?


  1. Have a good day! I'm getting back to seeing friends I haven't seen in eight months.

  2. I loved Life As We Know It! And for $2, that's a deal you can't beat

  3. Your blog is too CUTE! New follower here!