Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tainted Graduation

So I graduated on the 14th. Officially, I have my diploma and all that, but we won't actually have a ceremony where we walk in caps and gowns until May... which makes that once a year ceremony an excruciating four hours long.

Anyway, if you graduate in December like I did, you get a "graduation celebration" party at the Alumni House on campus where you pick up your diploma. Since it was -84,000 degrees this year, everything was done inside -- unlike last year at Mr. Preppy's graduation, where it was in the 60's and there were tents and everything outside as well. Anyway, I walked in and was directed to a room right off the entryway to fill out the information form so I could hand it to the person in charge of handing out diplomas. I was wearing a silk dress (with my pea coat and a scarf, but still, I was cold) and the door to the Alumni House kept opening, letting the Arctic chill in. This made my normally very neat handwriting become a little cramped and shaky.

Once I had my sheet filled out, I walked across the entryway to pick up my diploma. There was a table labeled undergraduate, so I walked up to the Poindexter in his tweed sport coat, complete with elbow patches (a look I love on anyone not making himself into a stereotype), a crooked bow tie, a sweater vest, and tortoiseshell glasses. Ok, my last name is a little difficult, but it definitely starts with an H. I pronounced and spelled my last name AT LEAST four times for him, as he looks back and forth from my information sheet to me. He then proceeded to look in the stack labeled "Last Names A-G," at which point Mama looked at him and said, "I'm almost positive hers won't be in there, since she just explained to you that her last name begins with an H and you're looking in a stack that only goes to G." He rolled his eyes, began looking in the correct stack, and finally found me. Then he looked back and forth from the envelope with all my goodies in it and my information sheet. He then said, in a little snit:
"Well, I'm not certain you deserve this. I'm sure that if I were your professor, I would have never signed off to allow you to graduate. I would have made sure that you took remedial handwriting first."

WTH, people, WTH?!

So, jackass Poindexter wannabe, you successfully TAINTED my graduation memory. Thanks, ASS.


  1. Please tell me you are writing a letter to someone about this. That is simply unacceptable at any time, even more inappropriate when someone is picking up their diploma to graduate from college! Congrats on graduating, however!

  2. What a total ASS!! Yes you should definitely complain about that to your alumni association or dean or academic advising. That is totally inappropriate behavior for a member of that institution. I am so sorry dear, don't listen to jerks like that!

    Congratulations on graduating!! You worked so hard, so proud of you!!

  3. CONGRATS on graduating!!
    What a horrible old twit. He was obviously embarrassed that he couldn't figure out their filing system and had to make it your fault.
    Sounds like someone should be forced to retire.
    Don't let him rain on your parade, CELEBRATE!

  4. I would have given him a piece of my mind, the little snot! So sorry to hear about the rudeness on your graduation.

  5. Wow what a jerk. Maybe he's just jealous he's never seen you around campus until now! Congrats!

    And nice blog. I'm following you now