Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Car Issues

I was hit in a parking lot a few weeks ago while I was inside a store, and the fabulous other driver didn't leave any contact information. I actually didn't even notice I was hit until after I got home because they hit the rear passenger side of my car and because of how I was parked, I only saw the front driver's side.

Imagine my excitement when I got home. Are you picturing the look of joy on my face?

Good, now picture my face when I was told that I have to pay the deductible even though I didn't do anything. I'm not sure if it's going to be my $250 uninsured driver deductible, or my $500 collision deductible, but either way I'm not a happy girl. At the very least, I'm hoping they'll say the damage is bad enough to warrant a full paint job. I'm waiting on them to call me tomorrow in the meantime.

The good part? I have AWESOME rental car coverage under my insurance (Go Liberty Mutual!). I will be driving to see Mr. Preppy for his birthday this weekend and I'm going to use this to my advantage so I can save money on gas. I went to find out the details of the damage and needed repairs earlier today, which was only supposed to be a 30 minute preliminary visit so I could set up a later time to drop the car off. Apparently in Georgia, the massive damage to my tail light is such a bad violation, it's technically undrivable. So... oops for the last few weeks.

They wouldn't let me leave in the car, so I was given a fabulously fun rental. They gave me a 2010 Mercury Milan Premier. I've had the best time this afternoon connecting my BlackBerry to the Bluetooth connections in the car so I can talk on the phone and play the media through the radio, as well as setting up my iPod in the USB port thingy. At first I was a little upset, but I am loving this car so much that the repairs could take months and I wouldn't care.

While I still don't want a sedan for myself, when Mama gets rid of her mom-car (Expedition) I think this should be what she gets. You know, so I can borrow it until I get my fun car.

P.S. My Republican elephant is actually pink, not white like it looks in the picture. Also, I have an awesome new Tennessee Girl sticker for the back window that I got right after I discovered all the damage. That will go on in celebration of getting the repairs done.


  1. Boo on the hit and run! But at least you get a fun car in the meantime! Have fun this weekend!

  2. That stinks, my car got hit in a parking lot the other day too. No note, no nothing, I haven't gotten an estimate yet, but I can only stand to drive around with a dent for so long!! :)

  3. Oh I hate to hear this...some people!!! GRRRRR

    Just checking on you. Hope your doing ok:)


  4. that sucks! like when i came back and found my car completely destroyed on campus... rental cars are so much fun though! but the deductible is always a pain.
    me to allstate after the qx4 fiasco: "so you are telling me that two stupid sophomores, driving 40 in a 15, totaled my LEGALLY parked car, and i came back to discover it after a meeting...and i am paying money???!!!" it's an fml if there ever was one.
    love you!

  5. Hit and runs are a huge bummer but at least you have a fun rental!