Monday, August 30, 2010


Random 5am thoughts:
  • Whoever left me the profanity-filled voicemail from the unidentified number at 2:30 this morning MUST BE STOPPED. Seriously, the phone didn't even wake me up (surprisingly enough since I slept on the sofa last night), but this idiot feels the need to leave me twenty seconds of the rudest words in the English language. Not in any coherent order, mind you, just repeated over and over. Along with "man, I hate that name, hate that name... )*&%)*&#$."
  • Today's memo to self is not to ever use the recipe for Devil's Food cupcakes as I used last night because it is most definitely NOT the same as the one I used to use and have since lost. Mediocre taste, blah look, just not pretty. Waste of Hershey's cocoa. My homemade cream cheese frosting, however, could win some awards...
  • Preppy Pup is not accustomed to "roughing it" on the sofa. She is the worst sofa partner ever (By the way, I slept down here to keep Preppy Lab company, she's been having a hard time since we had to let Preppy Golden go and whines all night if no one is downstairs with her.). Our sofa is not a sleeper sofa, and it's not a giant over-sized monstrosity, either. Which means me and my 19 pound miniature pinscher (yeah, she's fat... she's gained several pounds rather quickly because Preppy Lab has managed to stop eating without us noticing because someone is picking up her slack.) were snuggled in a spot is less than half the size of my bed. She didn't care. She wanted her half of the bed. This made for a very interesting night.
  • I thought blogging early would wake me up, but no go. I'm still falling asleep. This wakeup time is almost enough to make me wish I wanted to teach middle school -- they don't start until 9. Almost.
And now I would like to apologize for wasting your time with this post. :)

P.S. Sunday is Mr. Preppy's birthday, so I need some ideas for other little things to throw in with his gifts. Will do an in-depth post of said gifts later today (maybe. maybe tomorrow.)... and don't worry... he hasn't read in a while due to me telling him if he wasn't going to read loyally EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. to not bother. So, yeah, he reads the posts I pull up and say "read!"

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  1. Crazy!! I bet that person has a wrong number.