Monday, August 30, 2010

Spoiled Much?

You know your dogs control you when you a. Take them with you to grab food from somewhere and b. Go to a completely different fast food place to get them something.

**Update since I've been asked: I went to Zaxby's, but I feel guilty giving them something so heavily breaded. I then drove a mile and a half down the road (passing a McDonald's, a Sonic, and my neighborhood on the way) to Dairy Queen, where I got them a hamburger with ketchup only. Obviously Preppy Lab gets a bigger portion than Preppy Pup (especially since Preppy Pup has gained some weight recently).

And... I may or may not have also gotten myself a Reese's Blizzard while I was there. Don't judge. :)


  1. i'm guilty at least on one account. her highness always rides to panera with me. ha!

  2. Hahaha! What did you get them?

    I will get a happy meal (because I really don't need a whole fast food meal) and give Avery the toy out of it. Some of his favorite toys have come from kids meals. Lol

  3. That's too cute! Your dogs are so cute, I can't blame you!