Monday, July 5, 2010

So in an effort to cheer up myself and Preppy Lab (who really should enjoy the water, isn't that part of a lab's DNA?), I decided to give her a fresh start in our nice, clean, welcoming, shedded (?) hair free house and give her a bath. After Mama and I wrangled her to the floor in our living room and I trimmed and Pedi-Paw'd her nails (because homegirl had some SERIOUS talons going on).

I forgot to account for the fact that she is over 3/4 my weight and that without those talons, she can dig her heels in quite literally. I stood at the top of the stairs with a treat to bribe her and she was seriously looking at me, then into the living room, weighing her options... hmm, do I want a bath or to lounge under the coffee table? So, to prove myself to be even more stubborn than she is, I got behind her, wrapped my arms around her, and proceeded to heave and struggle my way up the stairs with her in front of me, protesting the entire way.

Now, I woke up too sore to work out (it would have been day three of Jillian Michaels's 30 Day Shred) and I thought if I got up and did some things I'd have stretched out enough to work out this afternoon or tonight.

I was wrong. After cajoling and pleading and bribing and hauling and bathing and drying something that is 95 freaking pounds, I'm done. Spent. Drained.

Except... now I have to bathe myself. And Preppy Pup (although the latter isn't so tough, she jumps into the tub while I'm showering pretty frequently and it takes all of thirty seconds to clean her). My arms are having enough trouble staying lateral to type, I'm not sure how I'll be able to raise them to wash my hair.


  1. I can only imagine what a chore that was - my cocker spaniel is hard enough and she's tiny. We just have to catch her to get her in the tub. She likes to hide under my mom's king size bed when the word 'bath' gets mentioned.

    Go you for doing Jillian! It works, but it kicked my butt SO hard!

  2. I lied!!! It's Cake Boss on TLC - Sorry! I get the two mixed up!