Thursday, July 22, 2010

Shoe Obsessed?

Ok, I admit it. I am an eBay addict. I have no desire for rehab.

But I may need some help for my shoe addiction*. With the help of my mother (who is semi-financing some new, much-needed teacher-appropriate clothing), I have recently gotten a few (like 4) new pairs of shoes... don't gasp, jump, or get irritated with me, I am a BARGAIN shopper that finds steals. I got two pairs of Banana Republic leather heels for $16 AFTER shipping, so it's not like I'm spending the national debt or anything.

But right now, on my watch list of 40-ish items (several things are for Mama), 20 of the items are shoes. 20.

I find heels justifiable because I am short and need all the help I can get to appear taller/older/more authoritarian to the students I'm going to be teaching this fall, most of which are bigger than I am. But 20?

On second thought, I'm going to embrace this shoe fascination. It's going to be a hobby, a collection -- NOT something to hide.

Donations can be made to the Preppy in Pearls Shoe Foundation... just email me if you're willing to make a contribution. As evidenced by the BR heel steal, every penny counts and can make a difference!!

*Just for the sake of being 100% honest, I know I have 100+ pairs of shoes right now, but I can't remember the exact number.


  1. I see nothing wrong with this problem... At all... Says the girl with the exact same problem and reasoning behind wearing heels... :)

  2. There are worse things we could have addictions to:)

    I just got a pair of Tory Burch flip flops off eBay!


  3. You too? Hahaha.
    I'm selling some nine west sandals. Never worn.
    And I have some in the mail as I type.