Thursday, July 8, 2010

Job Regret

Ok, so I'm a little tiny bit sad about leaving my job, if only because I will miss some (yes, some) of my coworkers.

I will NOT miss the patients, except a select few... like less than 5.

It's probably a very good thing I have 16 days left after today or else I will start actually saying the things I think/mouth/whisper when my phone is on mute to the patients... Like, "gosh, you're an idiot," or "I just made this appointment for you yesterday and you're calling to see what time it is," or "oooh, too much information lady, I just schedule appointments -- just say you have a problem..." yeah, like that.

P.S. Coworker broke her foot dancing on a picnic table over the holiday weekend... was she drunk/high/naked/stupid/all of the above? Take a guess.

P.P.S. You know someone is one of your besties when she's commenting on your blog at the exact same time you're commenting on hers. :)


  1. oh man. don't feel bad about leaving the insanity. i totally know what you mean though. even the jobs i hated the most i felt bad leaving.

  2. ha I laughed at your p.s. about your co-worker. hilarious! also, I've left you something over on my blog! :)