Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekend Updates

Yesterday was my Mama's birthday and we took a Gilmore Girls style last minute road trip to the beach Monday night. We went to Hilton Head to lay on the beach and use Mama's store credit for Coach at the outlet. I got her a red leather bag last year for Mothers' Day at the outlet for around $75 and the trim started to peel a few months later. If you didn't know, Coach offers a lifetime warranty on their products. We took her outlet bag to the retail store at home where they sent it in to be repaired. About a month later, Mama got a letter saying they couldn't repair it, but to please accept a credit of the bag's current depreciated worth, $330.

Yes, she made a profit.

So in our bargain shopping awesomeness, we found 7 (7!) bags yesterday, 6 of which were on clearance, all 7 were leather. She got 5 and I got 2, her total out of pocket after her credit was less than $200. Look at the pics below... these are NOT tiny bags.

I definitely come by my bargain shopping ability honesty.

In other news, here's a pic of Mama's presents from me, Mr. Preppy, and the Preppy Canine Trio (please forgive the fact that they are on a wrinkled blanket, I was in the middle of packing)...

Mr. Preppy got her Need a Margarita body scrub and body wash from Bath and Body Works, as did Preppy Pup (hey, no one said the two couldn't get together on the B&BW BOGO sale). Preppy Golden and Preppy Lab got her cocktail napkins with drink recipes printed on them (the Queen and Birthday Girl recipes from the Lolita brand). Me... well, I got her the best birthday present ever. You may not agree, but it is PERFECT for the relationship she and I have. I got her the complete series of the Gilmore Girls. She fills up our DVR with all things Gilmore Girls and always complains because we have to fast-forward through commercials... not to mention that our DVR has not recorded 35 minute chunks out of the last few episodes we've recorded. Problem solved. And I keep my title as the reigning best daughter in the universe.
...updates coming soon on the job front for Mr. Preppy... he had an interview in Atlanta (!)yesterday and one at his (and my soon to be) alma mater today.

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