Sunday, June 6, 2010


That is all I can feel right now. Since Mr. Preppy was disqualified from his golf tournament, Mama and I decided to take our frustration out on our back screened porch. During the almost 4 years we've lived here, it has become a haven for things from the condo that need to go to my grandparents' to be stored, a cooling area for large batches of sweets (leaving cooling racks on the cabinet by the back door), and project central -- including closet doors that were in need of paint, new flower pots, bags of plastic bottles to put in the bottom of aforementioned flower pots to minimize the potting soil needed, a miter saw that we needed to find a permanent home for (yeah, between my mother and myself, we have more tools than most men. Seriously, a utility closet and shed outside and a closet inside.), etc. Our freezer is also out there. We just got our old freezer back from my grandparents' (the place the things they won't let us throw away go to die) because our new, bigger, nicer freezer died a few months ago. My granddaddy brought the old one back to us yesterday and took the new one away... and six hours after it was back we decided we'd really rather have an extra fridge... we aren't always the best for timing.

Anyway, we decided it was time to get everything put away and cleaned up. This eventually caused the utility closet to be reorganized, a BUNCH of extra molding and things from past DIY home improvements to be thrown out, and all of our cans to finally be recycled. Better late than never, right?

We started this project around 9:45 this morning. We finished about an hour ago... so 4:30ish. The worst part is that the porch still needs to be mopped (there is pollen EVERYWHERE because the door to the backyard stays open for the dogs) and our porch furniture (sofa, coffee table, two end tables, chair, and two end tables) need sprucing up, so it doesn't really look like a lot was accomplished. We also still have those flower pots, but they will be taken care of next weekend when we actually got to Lowe's and find some things to put in them.

In the midst of all that, we realized there was a dead pine branch that finally fell from the tree next to our driveway into the driveway. Our garbage collectors are a little picky with our yard waste... they won't take anything over 5 feet. They will literally pick out the things that are over 5 feet even if everything is in one big pile. This meant we had to break it apart so it could get taken away tomorrow morning. My idiot self decided I could take care of that while wearing flip flops... which promptly resulted in a HUGE gash on the bottom of my foot.

So, foot hurts, all muscles hurt, stomach hurts because I haven't eaten anything except some apple dippers from McDonald's that we grabbed on our quick 5 minute trip to get rid of some cardboard boxes. My hat goes off to all the manual laborers in the world... I am DEFINITELY not cut out for it.

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  1. ugh! good for you guys though. i need to come visit again and see the progress! haha xoxo