Thursday, June 3, 2010

Online Shopping, Shoe Commentary, and Wedding Thoughts

I am seriously obsessed with polyvore now that I've caved and started using it, although it has caused me to question several things after browsing...

Is a wedding dress purchased "off the rack" for $500 (not on sale) tacky? I feel like so many people think it is, but I love the WHBM limited edition wedding gown found here. I think it is simple but has enough detail to be unique (while I love J.Crew and am a very loyal customer and love their wedding gowns, most of them are too simple). I am a bargain shopper to the core and have issues with watching Say Yes to the Dress and seeing people pay over $10,000 for a dress... seriuously, you only wear it once and while I want it to be as perfect as the next girl, I can't see spending a good chunk of down payment on a home or a year and a half of car payments or student loan payments on a dress. I am positive I will bargain shop for my wedding dress when that time comes. I mean, I'm the girl who has 20 formal dresses in her closet because I found them all on sale over a couple of years and "had to have them just in case" -- and the grand total was less than $500.

Is buying a wedding gown online the smart choice? I mean, with all other dresses it's easy to return without a problem when you purchase it online (most of the time), but your hopes are so high about a wedding gown, it is smart to create a potential for let down and additional stress by ordering something so significant online?

I do not like bridesmaid dresses. At all. I like simple, elegant dresses that can truly be worn again (See the J.Crew bridesmaid dress section. That's where J.Crew has hit the nail on the head with weddings.). I have never had a bridesmaid dress I could wear again, although, let's face it, with my dress collection the brides probably never thought I needed another dress that I could wear more than once.

I hate J.Crew wedge flip flops. Actually, I hate all wedge flip flops. I think if you want a heel, wear a damn heel. End of story. I love J.Crew critter flip flops, but I miss the old sole... the foamy, cushiony, soft one. The new rubber one makes the shoe heavier and it doesn't mold to your feet as well. I remember the first pair I had (and still have to be completely honest... we know what it takes for me to part with shoes)... pale pink with orange angel fish. My newer pairs (only two because I wear my rainbows so often it doesn't make sense to buy too many) are hot pink with navy tennis racquets and pink and white striped with daquiris. I find myself not wearing the newer ones because they are heavier. Has anyone else noticed this?

And no, no engagement yet... just looking because several close friends are getting married. And we all know that every girl keeps a wedding idea book... and reasoning behind my subscription to Martha Stewart Weddings... yeah, that's my story. To y'all and to Mr. Preppy. Yeah.

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  1. I'm getting married next May and I have started looking at different options. I don't think it's tacky at all to buy off the rack. I was a deb a few years ago and found a gorgeous dress for only 400 dollars that I absolutely loved! I agree about Say Yes to the Dress and the ridiculous amount of money girls spend on their gown. I think price doesn't matter at long as the bride loves it that's the important thing! Glad to read this and find someone that agrees!

  2. I just took my wedding dress out today.I was going to sell it but I remembered how much I fell in love with it...the beading.The ballgown skirt. Anywho...dont buy a dress online. I almost did but I was glad I was able to try it on, see how I felt with the train and all those things. I agree with you on the whole expensive dress thingy.I almost got rid of mine because after your wedding day, it just takes up space. Just ask my ballgown.