Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So this is how Mr. Preppy (whose last day of work is tomorrow) and I (who am bored to death at my job) have spent our days. His gchat is blocked, but outlook is not, so check out this excerpt from our emailing (please ignore the language implied by the asterisks, I've had a bad day so far):

Me: I am SICK of this idiot *****.

Mr. Preppy: im sorry baby, u will survive

Me: She just will not SHUT UP about things she should have realized a year ago… she’s complaining because any appointment calls when they go to the automated system go to her extension because she’s the only full time appointment scheduler in this office all the time. She is just a ******* and a whore and I seriously can’t take it anymore.

Mr. Preppy: baby u are only going to be there a few more months at the most so just think of that baby

Me: 42 days

Mr. Preppy: u can handle that baby, are they upset u are leaving?

Me: Yeah, [immediate supervisor] is. She hates idiot ***** and wants me to be able to stay. I have to write a resignation letter and I’m going to put in there that I hope they will keep me in mind in the future if they need any help.

Mr. Preppy: im sure that if u do it properly they will hire u back baby

Me: Good grief she’s a dumbass… she didn’t realize she wasn’t scrolled over far enough on a webpage and is freaking out and yelling at me to tell her what to do to fix it.

Mr. Preppy: Just ignore her.

Me: But [Mr. Preppy’s IRL name that I type out so that it’s really long and he can tell I’m whining], it’s hard when her cigarette and booze odor is only two feet from me!

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  1. I just found your blog and it's too cute! I am so sorry you have a terrible boss, that's the worst! Hope you have a better day tomorrow!