Saturday, June 19, 2010

Early Saturday Thoughts

Just to let you know, 5:00 AM is even worse on Saturday than on weekdays.

Pray I don't hit a deer on my 35 minute drive to take my test this morning...

I really just want this to be over with so that I can meet Polka Dot Preppy for our post-certification testing drinks (a tradition).

I hate that rain makes palmetto bugs appear EVERYWHERE (if you don't know what those really are, just google it... I like the nice name).

I'm hoping that wearing cute J.Crew capris and a Lilly polo to take my test (pink and green of course) will be good luck.

Preppy Pup almost bit my head off for waking her up this early. Currently she is curled up on the sofa and glaring at me.

The Brookstone NAP sleep mask is amazing.

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