Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I'd Like to Thank...

cashmere pearls 'n' boots, for sending me some bloggy award love. She has given me the Sugar Doll Award.

Rules are to reveal ten things about yourself. Here goes:

1. I love tennis (no pun intended), but due to ankle issues I haven't played in a couple of years.

2. I most likely, like 99% sure, have a big move coming up in December/early 2011.

3. I love my BB Storm, but HATE having a long conversation on it because it's too difficult with a touch screen. That's actually one of the reasons I got this phone, so that I was more motivated to talk on the phone instead of text. Although now I just gchat instead.

4. I have become very low maintenance since I've been working at my current job without having classes at the same time... think bare minimum makeup, slightly straightened hair, no jewelry. I am usually dressed perfectly at all times, but the fact that I wear scrubs to work and then head straight home to play with the puppies has caused me to believe that it's just not worth it. A rude awakening will DEFINITELY occur when I have to get ready at 5:30 in the morning when I'm student teaching and have to be presentable.

5. Mr. Preppy is the only person I've ever dated who has seen me without makeup more than 3 times.

6. As much as I love my mother, I can't wait to live on my own again. I just wish it was going to be in the same town instead of several hours away like it has been before.

7. (This one requires a little background story.) I was driving one of the boys I've been babysitting for since he was born (9 years ago!) to day camp this morning and as he was looking around the car he said, "One day, I'm gonna be sixteen, and then I'll have a car like this, too." I tried not to laugh as I told him I wasn't sixteen. He asked me if I was a teenager. I told him, no, I'm [insert age here]. Just to confirm, he asked, "So that makes you a grown-up, right?" As I said yes, it hit me. I'm a grown-up. An adult. For serious. And that shocks the hell out of me.

8. I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE voicemails. At work and on my cell. Seriously, I can't stand them, don't listen to them, and HATE that little icon that pops up on the screen telling me I have a voicemail. Unless the voicemail is left on my work phone (in which case, I have to return it), I can guarantee that I know and will use the shortcuts so that I don't even have to listen to one syllable of the message before I delete it. If I recognize the number, I'll call you back. If I don't, you better text me. I also screen phone calls, which kind of defeats the purpose of the no voicemail policy, but I'm fairly good at recognizing which numbers are from school, which are from work (we have over 50 lines so it's impossible to know them all), which are from the hospital where Mama works, etc., so I usually call those right back if I miss them.

9. I cannot imagine working with a class full of small children, which is why I am planning to teach high school. However, I wish I could still have craft time because I really like projects.

10. I have a recipe obsession. So much so that I have to go get a bigger binder for all the recipes I print out (my measly 1" is about to burst). I love making new things, and for the most part I try different variations on things, like spicy shrimp dishes or roast, so I know Mr. Preppy (the world's pickiest adult eater) will be sure to try them and give me an honest answer. I love cooking and making delicious things, but I DETEST cleaning up... but I'm too OCD to let anyone else (besides Mama) clean up.

I tag anyone who hasn't gotten this award yet!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Weekend Updates

Yesterday was my Mama's birthday and we took a Gilmore Girls style last minute road trip to the beach Monday night. We went to Hilton Head to lay on the beach and use Mama's store credit for Coach at the outlet. I got her a red leather bag last year for Mothers' Day at the outlet for around $75 and the trim started to peel a few months later. If you didn't know, Coach offers a lifetime warranty on their products. We took her outlet bag to the retail store at home where they sent it in to be repaired. About a month later, Mama got a letter saying they couldn't repair it, but to please accept a credit of the bag's current depreciated worth, $330.

Yes, she made a profit.

So in our bargain shopping awesomeness, we found 7 (7!) bags yesterday, 6 of which were on clearance, all 7 were leather. She got 5 and I got 2, her total out of pocket after her credit was less than $200. Look at the pics below... these are NOT tiny bags.

I definitely come by my bargain shopping ability honesty.

In other news, here's a pic of Mama's presents from me, Mr. Preppy, and the Preppy Canine Trio (please forgive the fact that they are on a wrinkled blanket, I was in the middle of packing)...

Mr. Preppy got her Need a Margarita body scrub and body wash from Bath and Body Works, as did Preppy Pup (hey, no one said the two couldn't get together on the B&BW BOGO sale). Preppy Golden and Preppy Lab got her cocktail napkins with drink recipes printed on them (the Queen and Birthday Girl recipes from the Lolita brand). Me... well, I got her the best birthday present ever. You may not agree, but it is PERFECT for the relationship she and I have. I got her the complete series of the Gilmore Girls. She fills up our DVR with all things Gilmore Girls and always complains because we have to fast-forward through commercials... not to mention that our DVR has not recorded 35 minute chunks out of the last few episodes we've recorded. Problem solved. And I keep my title as the reigning best daughter in the universe.
...updates coming soon on the job front for Mr. Preppy... he had an interview in Atlanta (!)yesterday and one at his (and my soon to be) alma mater today.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Semi-Downer Fathers' Day Post

Being an only child, I had the luxury of being able to be both a Mama's girl and a Daddy's girl, and both those loyalties became more pronounced after they divorced when I was in elementary school. Before the divorce, Daddy worked a lot and Mama worked part time at the hospital on weekends, so during my free time I was usually at my grandparents' or great-grandparents' houses.

After the divorce, Mama went back to working during the week so I saw her more and I had assigned times to do things with Daddy so I was able to see him a lot more, too. I became a lot closer to both of my parents. Mama and I had always gone on weekend trips to the beach and things like that, but now I was able to go on THREE vacations with Daddy every summer, plus one during Christmas break. He always took me somewhere he knew I'd love, and he and I got much much closer during all of those trips.

My last trip with him was to Gatlinburg during Christmas break of my freshman year of college. I lost my Daddy two months later. Losing a parent at 19 is something I would never have imagined would happen to me, nor is it something I would want anyone else to experience. It's very difficult to talk about him now since it's just me and Mama, and, well, they were divorced. It's a constant struggle to remember Daddy without getting upset and angry that he's gone. He will never meet Mr. Preppy, never see me graduate from college, never walk me down the aisle, never play with his grandchildren... he will miss those most important moments and I will miss out on something special without him there.

So for those of you who occasionally get angry at your father and go for a few days without talking to him, just think about what would happen if he was no longer an active part of your life. What if you didn't make the choice not to talk to him, but were simply unable to? Be grateful for what you have.

Sorry this is a downer post but I've heard several people taking their parents for granted lately, and today of all days we should simply give thanks for whoever fills those roles in our lives, be it stepparents, grandparents, Godparents (in my case, Daddy's best friend is my Godfather), family friends, WHOEVER.

I hope all of you enjoyed your Fathers' Day.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Early Saturday Thoughts

Just to let you know, 5:00 AM is even worse on Saturday than on weekdays.

Pray I don't hit a deer on my 35 minute drive to take my test this morning...

I really just want this to be over with so that I can meet Polka Dot Preppy for our post-certification testing drinks (a tradition).

I hate that rain makes palmetto bugs appear EVERYWHERE (if you don't know what those really are, just google it... I like the nice name).

I'm hoping that wearing cute J.Crew capris and a Lilly polo to take my test (pink and green of course) will be good luck.

Preppy Pup almost bit my head off for waking her up this early. Currently she is curled up on the sofa and glaring at me.

The Brookstone NAP sleep mask is amazing.

Friday, June 18, 2010

So remember a little over a month ago, when I was celebrating my last semester of "class," and was finally finished studying for tests and writing papers and was REALLY excited?

Well, I was wrong.

In all of my jubilation (sorry, I just heard that word on tv so I decided to throw it in here to make things interesting) I conveniently forgot that I have to pass my certification tests (yes, for social studies there are THREE... it's not the PRAXIS that most states use).

The first being my PoliSci test at 7:45 in the morning.

The review (accompanied with ice cream and Gilmore Girls) is commencing now.

Coming up soon: a showcase of Mama's birthday presents.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

So I will most likely be MIA for the next few days, maybe a week. I have my first teaching certification test this Saturday (at 7:45!!! and the testing center is like 40 minutes from my house!), we're going to my grandparents' farm Sunday for Fathers' Day, and then Mama's birthday is Tuesday, so I have kind of a crazy few days coming up.

Cross my heart I'll be back soon.


Monday, June 14, 2010


I'm so so so sorry for not posting this earlier! Preppy Golden has been pretty sick so I've been trying to take care of her and pretty much ignoring everything else.

The winner of the first set of polish is Patriotic Princess (just in time to pack for her honeymoon... congrats on your upcoming wedding!) and the winner of the second set is Persians and Pulitzer. Contact me at preppyinpearlsblog [at] gmail [dot] com with your shipping information and I will get things sent out this week!

Congratulations ladies! Enjoy your summery polishes!

I want to thank all of you for participating in the giveaway... I appreciate you sticking around for a year!


Friday, June 11, 2010

So Sorry!!

Ok, so please don't hate me. It will be either very late tonight or early tomorrow before giveaway winners are posted... I meant to grab the stuff so I could post at work but I ran out without it and I have plans immediately after work tonight.

Please forgive me!

...in the meantime, check out Pink Preppy Lilly Lover's Lilly giveaway found here! She's giving away a beach towel, an umbrella, and some fabulous drink umbrellas!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

*Giveaway Updates*

Ok, so I've figured out the amount of entries to do for the giveaway, I just have to write them out on slips of paper and pick winners, which will most likely happen tomorrow night. Thank you all so much for entering!!

Stay tuned for winners and for Preppy Pup's giveaway announcement.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Reflection and Decision

"When we judge or criticize another person, it says nothing about that person; it merely says something about our own need to be critical." -unknown

I have had a few comments (that have been deleted) over the year that I've been writing this blog that stand out. They are attacks on the things I write and even on me as a person and the individuals I write about. These comments have been petty, and I have responded to them in ways that I am not proud of. I have realized that doing so makes me no better than the individual leaving a comment. I want to change that.

I will not be forced to privatize my blog. I don't think that's a good solution. Instead, I will be monitoring all comments before they are published and not allowing anonymous comments any longer. I apologize if that inconveniences anyone, but these types of comments cause me unnecessary stress and irritation.

This blog is my outlet from the stress I have in my everyday life. I write because it helps me to deal with that stress, and having the ability to have people read my writings and leave comments of encouragement or understanding is why I chose this over simply keeping a journal. The blog world is one of community, where we are able to reach out to one another and help and motivate and laugh. I want to keep that sense of community, but I will not tolerate attacks on my writing or my personal life. I should not have to question myself or things I write or choices I make because of a comment someone leaves. It's simply not fair to me, or to the readers who read because they want to read.

My final thought on the matter is that if you don't like me, or what I write, then don't read the blog. You don't have to, no one is making you, and hopefully, you're an adult who can make the smart decision to not read things that bother or upset you.

Giveaway Final Hours

Okay, this is it, y'all! Last day for entering the giveaway... it will end at midnight EST!

Make sure to enter here!

New, puppy-specific giveaway coming up later in the week...

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Blog Alert

In an effort to keep myself busy this summer, I've created two new blogs, Preppy in Pearls Does Crafts and The Preppy Book Review. Preppy in Pearls Does Crafts is just that -- a review of projects and crafts I'm doing these days as well as a way for me to be held accountable enough to actually finish them.

I welcome anyone who wants to be on the team for the Book Review, as I'm sure most people want reviews of books in addition to the ones I read.

Let me know if you're interested: preppyinpearlsblog [at] gmail [dot] com.

Don't forget about the giveaway! Only 35 hours left!

**P.S., if you email me to contribute to the Preppy Book Review and get an invite from the standard first name [dot] last name [at] gmail [dot] com, please realize that I am blonde and can't figure out how to make my blog email my login/administration email for blogger so that's why you're getting an email from an address you don't recognize. Thanks!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


That is all I can feel right now. Since Mr. Preppy was disqualified from his golf tournament, Mama and I decided to take our frustration out on our back screened porch. During the almost 4 years we've lived here, it has become a haven for things from the condo that need to go to my grandparents' to be stored, a cooling area for large batches of sweets (leaving cooling racks on the cabinet by the back door), and project central -- including closet doors that were in need of paint, new flower pots, bags of plastic bottles to put in the bottom of aforementioned flower pots to minimize the potting soil needed, a miter saw that we needed to find a permanent home for (yeah, between my mother and myself, we have more tools than most men. Seriously, a utility closet and shed outside and a closet inside.), etc. Our freezer is also out there. We just got our old freezer back from my grandparents' (the place the things they won't let us throw away go to die) because our new, bigger, nicer freezer died a few months ago. My granddaddy brought the old one back to us yesterday and took the new one away... and six hours after it was back we decided we'd really rather have an extra fridge... we aren't always the best for timing.

Anyway, we decided it was time to get everything put away and cleaned up. This eventually caused the utility closet to be reorganized, a BUNCH of extra molding and things from past DIY home improvements to be thrown out, and all of our cans to finally be recycled. Better late than never, right?

We started this project around 9:45 this morning. We finished about an hour ago... so 4:30ish. The worst part is that the porch still needs to be mopped (there is pollen EVERYWHERE because the door to the backyard stays open for the dogs) and our porch furniture (sofa, coffee table, two end tables, chair, and two end tables) need sprucing up, so it doesn't really look like a lot was accomplished. We also still have those flower pots, but they will be taken care of next weekend when we actually got to Lowe's and find some things to put in them.

In the midst of all that, we realized there was a dead pine branch that finally fell from the tree next to our driveway into the driveway. Our garbage collectors are a little picky with our yard waste... they won't take anything over 5 feet. They will literally pick out the things that are over 5 feet even if everything is in one big pile. This meant we had to break it apart so it could get taken away tomorrow morning. My idiot self decided I could take care of that while wearing flip flops... which promptly resulted in a HUGE gash on the bottom of my foot.

So, foot hurts, all muscles hurt, stomach hurts because I haven't eaten anything except some apple dippers from McDonald's that we grabbed on our quick 5 minute trip to get rid of some cardboard boxes. My hat goes off to all the manual laborers in the world... I am DEFINITELY not cut out for it.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Online Shopping, Shoe Commentary, and Wedding Thoughts

I am seriously obsessed with polyvore now that I've caved and started using it, although it has caused me to question several things after browsing...

Is a wedding dress purchased "off the rack" for $500 (not on sale) tacky? I feel like so many people think it is, but I love the WHBM limited edition wedding gown found here. I think it is simple but has enough detail to be unique (while I love J.Crew and am a very loyal customer and love their wedding gowns, most of them are too simple). I am a bargain shopper to the core and have issues with watching Say Yes to the Dress and seeing people pay over $10,000 for a dress... seriuously, you only wear it once and while I want it to be as perfect as the next girl, I can't see spending a good chunk of down payment on a home or a year and a half of car payments or student loan payments on a dress. I am positive I will bargain shop for my wedding dress when that time comes. I mean, I'm the girl who has 20 formal dresses in her closet because I found them all on sale over a couple of years and "had to have them just in case" -- and the grand total was less than $500.

Is buying a wedding gown online the smart choice? I mean, with all other dresses it's easy to return without a problem when you purchase it online (most of the time), but your hopes are so high about a wedding gown, it is smart to create a potential for let down and additional stress by ordering something so significant online?

I do not like bridesmaid dresses. At all. I like simple, elegant dresses that can truly be worn again (See the J.Crew bridesmaid dress section. That's where J.Crew has hit the nail on the head with weddings.). I have never had a bridesmaid dress I could wear again, although, let's face it, with my dress collection the brides probably never thought I needed another dress that I could wear more than once.

I hate J.Crew wedge flip flops. Actually, I hate all wedge flip flops. I think if you want a heel, wear a damn heel. End of story. I love J.Crew critter flip flops, but I miss the old sole... the foamy, cushiony, soft one. The new rubber one makes the shoe heavier and it doesn't mold to your feet as well. I remember the first pair I had (and still have to be completely honest... we know what it takes for me to part with shoes)... pale pink with orange angel fish. My newer pairs (only two because I wear my rainbows so often it doesn't make sense to buy too many) are hot pink with navy tennis racquets and pink and white striped with daquiris. I find myself not wearing the newer ones because they are heavier. Has anyone else noticed this?

And no, no engagement yet... just looking because several close friends are getting married. And we all know that every girl keeps a wedding idea book... and reasoning behind my subscription to Martha Stewart Weddings... yeah, that's my story. To y'all and to Mr. Preppy. Yeah.

Don't forget about the giveaway!

Giveaway Update

I found the polish colors on polyvore, so I made two sets showing them and added them to the giveaway post. Check it out here!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So this is how Mr. Preppy (whose last day of work is tomorrow) and I (who am bored to death at my job) have spent our days. His gchat is blocked, but outlook is not, so check out this excerpt from our emailing (please ignore the language implied by the asterisks, I've had a bad day so far):

Me: I am SICK of this idiot *****.

Mr. Preppy: im sorry baby, u will survive

Me: She just will not SHUT UP about things she should have realized a year ago… she’s complaining because any appointment calls when they go to the automated system go to her extension because she’s the only full time appointment scheduler in this office all the time. She is just a ******* and a whore and I seriously can’t take it anymore.

Mr. Preppy: baby u are only going to be there a few more months at the most so just think of that baby

Me: 42 days

Mr. Preppy: u can handle that baby, are they upset u are leaving?

Me: Yeah, [immediate supervisor] is. She hates idiot ***** and wants me to be able to stay. I have to write a resignation letter and I’m going to put in there that I hope they will keep me in mind in the future if they need any help.

Mr. Preppy: im sure that if u do it properly they will hire u back baby

Me: Good grief she’s a dumbass… she didn’t realize she wasn’t scrolled over far enough on a webpage and is freaking out and yelling at me to tell her what to do to fix it.

Mr. Preppy: Just ignore her.

Me: But [Mr. Preppy’s IRL name that I type out so that it’s really long and he can tell I’m whining], it’s hard when her cigarette and booze odor is only two feet from me!

Don't forget my giveaway!

Giveaway Alerts

Ok, y'all, in addition to entering my giveaway, head over to Kitchen Belleicious and enter her giveaway. She is giving away a $25 gift certificate to Beaucoup... check out the website to see all the fun favors for parties and weddings and other decorative items they have!

P.S. Don't forget my giveaway... remember, enter on the original giveaway post!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blogiversary Giveaway Numero Uno

Ok, so I just ordered the products for the giveaway, so I do not have my own pictures yet. No etsy people contacted me, so it will just be my own favorite items...

Drumroll, please...

OPI Nail polish! I will pick two winners, a first place and a second place. First place will receive
Gargauntan Green Grape, Osaka to me Orange, Miami Beet,. Second place will receive
Osaka to Me Orange, Make Love, and Peace Baby. Entries will be earned as follows:

  • Become a follower and leave a comment saying you did so (or let me know you already are) - one entry
  • Add my button to your page - two more entries
  • Blog about the giveaway - two more entries
  • Have someone tell me you sent them to enter in their entry comment (if this is confusing let me know and I will try to explain better) - one more entry
For example, if you are a follower and comment telling me so, add my button, blog about the giveaway, and someone enters the giveaway and gives you credit, you would get a total of 6 entries. For each additional person who tells me you sent them, you get an additional entry, so the possibilities are pretty much endless.

I will write your name down on a slip of paper for each entry and mix them up the old fashioned way in a hat and draw one to determine a winner.

****VERY IMPORTANT**** all entries MUST MUST MUST be left on this post. Any entries on later posts will NOT be counted. I will direct you back to this entry in ALL later posts, so PLEASE only comment here. It will make it much easier for me to keep all entries together. Giveaway will end Tuesday, June 8th at midnight, EST. I will post winners by Friday June 11th.

Update: Here are the polyvore sets I made showing the colors, I hope you think they're as fun as I do!

Also, there will be a giveaway numero dos for those readers who own (or know someone who owns) a dog smaller than Preppy Pup (a 16ish pound Miniature Pinscher) - so pretty much a Chihuahua (funny sidenote, I always have to say cha hUa hUa to spell that) or Maltese or the like. Also, if you have a porkier miniature pinscher (no judging, Preppy Pup was 24 pounds at her biggest... thank you, Purina One Healthy Weight Formula), or something similarly sized, stay tuned. I've found another item I purchased that is far too big for her but too preppy to go to waste.