Monday, May 3, 2010

She's Allllliiiiiiiiivvvvvvvvvveeeeeeee!!!!!!!

Yes, I am still alive and kickin'. I'm sorry for taking such a long break but I've been a tad overwhelmed with schoolwork for the last month. I had to finish up student teaching for this semester and then do all the accompanying work, including about twenty reports and presentations and reviews, PLUS the work I had for my Political Science classes and Chemistry class.


As of 2:28 this afternoon (or, technically, 6:15 tomorrow night when I have to turn in a final paper that's already finished), I was finished with this semester. I am finished with my last semester of undergraduate classes... I begin student teaching August 3rd. I take the first of three certification tests June 19th.

I am taking a day or two to decompress because I have literally been wound tighter than a three day clock (have y'all heard that one? My great-grandfather used to say it ALL the time!) for the last week. This weekend all I had to do was study for the final I took today and finish the paper for tomorrow, but I forgot to budget my time to include a First Communion that I had to attend (that ended up lasting from 11 am to 5 pm...). I ended up at the library at 6:15 and stayed until close to midnight (when our ridiculous library closed... what library CLOSES during finals? and doesn't open until 1:30 the next afternoon?) and then camped out from 12:30 (in the only open building on campus until the library opened) until 6 last night to get everything finished. Mr. Preppy took pity on me Saturday and met me at school so he could force me to go eat something.

Anyway. I will be back full-time by Wednesday at the latest and will be catching up on blogs in the meantime. I missed you blog buddies!

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