Friday, May 7, 2010


I HATE that grades were due to the registrar by midnight because that makes the fact that they are still unavailable to ME unacceptable.

Plus, the little calendar announcement thingy in my school email says "Friday, May 7 - Grades Viewable." I ask you, without a specified time in the announcement, what person in their right mind would think that that ISN'T an all-day event, which would mean it started at 12:01 am?

Apparently, it is beyond the capabilities of my small school to post grades in a timely manner... especially when there is one anxious student waiting to see if she actually managed to make Dean's List because she finally (!) took initiative during her classes.

This would not be a problem if my two of my professors would actually tell their students their grades before they were officially posted.

Stupid privacy rules.

Ok, that's my rant. For the next several hours I will be hitting the refresh button on my computer until my grades are viewable. Oh, and I'll be getting ready for work and all that, but mostly just the refreshing.

Back when school manages to appease me.

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