Thursday, May 13, 2010

Education Cost Woes

Let me tell you how @$$-backward the federal government is in regard to education. My FAFSA was "due" March 1st (not that it matters, because they take them any time and apply it ASAP), but you need all your tax information to fill it out. Based on previous years' experience, I believed (and was led to believe by the Financial Aid Office and the FAFSA website) I needed my mother's information to submit my FAFSA because although I am no longer a dependent, they still believe she can contribute a quarter of her salary to my education (no, seriously, our "estimated family contribution" is a quarter of her pre-tax income).

Believing that, and because she never files taxes until the very last second, I only completed my FAFSA earlier today (I've waited that long the last two years also and it hasn't had any negative effects, knock on wood.). Imagine my surprise to find that I DON'T NEED HER INFORMATION THIS YEAR!!! Remember, I filed my taxes in JANUARY and could have submitted it well before the deadline. Also, because I don't need her information this year, I qualify for several additional grants (one of which is strictly for teachers but my school is not allowed to participate until next year at the earliest... thanks, feds, for snatching that highly anticipated $4,000 from my trembling hands). One of these is first come, first serve... which I will most likely not get, because, again, I was under a false impression that was backed up when I tried to file my FAFSA early.

Also, I've paid (the majority of) my own bills for the last 3 1/2 years. Why is it that they are only recognizing that fact and rewarding it with grants for my LAST SEMESTER of college?

Plus, our tuition is going up in Georgia. Hopefully this will not affect me too much because they will still have to honor my guaranteed tuition, but they will be able to pile on all the extra fees and surcharges they want. The biggest thing is that I'm no longer eligible for the HOPE scholarship because it only covers the first 127 credit hours (including all taken at other institutions and those that you ever withdrew from without credit).

Needless to say, I am a little frustrated.

P.S. Coworker is on the phone with her daughter discussing the best place to get an abortion. Ick.

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  1. Good Luck. I know the frustration. I'm still wondering why my school LOST my transcript.

    And you have some uh...interesting coworkers. Tell your coworker the best place to go is "Keep Your Legs Closed" clinic on "Keep the Baby" Street and 5th ave.