Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wedding #1 Attire (and a vent session)

So the first of this year's weddings is this weekend. My cousin is getting married** on Saturday in a field in North Carolina. Fingers crossed that it stays 76 and sunny as is currently predicting. Because me? I'm wearing this:

I'm trying to figure out what shoes to wear. My options are nude peep-toe slingbacks with a tiny bow on the front (think 1950's) or silver Nina peep-toe slingbacks. I'm probably wearing a pearl and silver jewelry combo. Both pairs are as well-equipped for standing in a field (no seating is provided) as anything cute I can find. No dancing (or drinking) due to the fact that the reception is being held in the student center of a Theological Seminary.

Mr. Preppy and I will be leaving Augusta around 9-ish Saturday for the 4pm wedding (since it's a 5 hour drive and I have absolutely no clue how to get there except my picture/text/map versions from GoogleMaps). We will also be driving back to Augusta as soon as we can slip out of the reception (no alochol = no need to stay there for the night). Please pray for him (more so than me, I'm used to the snide/rude/barely concealed comments and insults -- he isn't -- and he's meeting everyone for the first time). All I can say is he must love me because he's been warned in advance and he's still willing to go.

***This has caused major drama because he is the golden child on that side and even though I'm not engaged, his engagement managed to spark a lecture from his mother (!) to me through another cousin (who actually took my side and was just giving me a head's up in case my aunt decided to actually go there with me) about why I shouldn't get married or rush into anything. Umm, hello? He's known this girl for less time than Mr. Preppy and I have been a couple. Apparently it's ok to rush in if you met at a Theological Seminary. Anyway.
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  2. That dress looks like you will be able to get a lot of use out of it! It is super cute!

  3. That Sarah that's been deleted was me - I signed in with the wrong account! Here's my comment, copied and pasted!

    Ah. I'm not seeing this wedding as being 'fun.' I really hope I'm wrong though! Mr. Preppy will come out just fine. What an awesome boyfriend he's being. :)