Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring, Sundresses, and Sewing

Need help ladies.

I have some deep orange linen material, white on white seersucker material, pink on white seersucker material, and red on white seersucker material... that I've had for literally 3 years and done nothing with.

That's going to change. I am dusting off my Singer (that's my sewing machine, y'all, not some American Idol castoff I purchased on the black market) and in an effort to welcome spring I will be attempting to make some sundresses. My favorite style sundress is a simple strapless with a natural waist and some flowy-ness (I know, I'm making up words here) at the bottom. Slightly above-knee to knee-length. Kinda like this J.Crew embossed beach dress (that I may or may not already own in a couple of solids):

The problem?

I have no pattern. And in no way, shape, or form am I willing to cut apart one of my (totaling over 100 at this point) dresses to make one of my own. I am running out of places to look online to see if any are even available (for such a classic silhouette you'd think there would be several). I'll be hitting up Hobby Lobby tonight on the way home and JoAnn's and Hancock Fabrics over the weekend. Cross your fingers pretty please.

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