Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday to Beat All Mondays

So I decided upon waking up (from a horrific dream) that today was going to be a great day, despite the fact that it is Monday. That went well for approximately 2 hours, until I got to work. On the way to work I was dancing in my car, listening to fun music, getting into a good mood, all excited because my trashy coworker is off today and we don't have to listen to her (or smell her yucky cigarette-ness).

Then I got to work.

I forgot in my lovely planning that I had to return all the messages that had accumulated on said absent coworker's voicemail over the weekend (which totaled 20) as well as those I had accumulated on my own in the 10 minutes after we opened until I managed to get my computer up and running (totaling 12). I also had to call and/or email those patients who had send in paperwork or an appointment request through our website from yesterday and today (and there were some from 2AM). We opened at 8:30 and I finally got everyone called back and was caught up a little after 10.

I now have a sore throat from talking so much, a horrible lecture to sit through from 2 to 4:45 (if she actually conducts class for the entire time), a chemistry lecture and lab, then it's off to see Mama at work to help her with our Verizon stuff.

And my favorite stapler just broke. This just proves that you should NEVER expect to have a good Monday.


  1. Yuck!! Yeah Mondays are stinky. Hope the rest of the day got better for ya!