Monday, March 22, 2010

Prayers Needed

Update of this weekend will be coming shortly...

Right now I need your prayers for my boss/doctor/sometimes stand-in dad/fellow church member/friend. He left Saturday with a group of people from our church and two others that included several other doctors and church members to go on a mission/ aid trip to Chile. His wife accompanied him.

On the flight she started feeling ill and was rushed to a hospital as soon as they landed. She died at the hospital of a pulmonary embolism. They believe she developed a blood clot in her leg during the flight and when they landed it broke free and went to her lung.

There is no way to describe the depth of pain this is causing our work and church families, as well as our entire community. He is a favorite doctor (my aunt, one of my Godmothers, and several friends are also patients of his) in Augusta and the surrounding areas. Many of his patients will travel hours to see him and all of us wait (thankfully I'm at work and get paid to do so) a while to see him. He takes time with each patient, regardless of what his schedule is looking like. He is one of the sweetest, most caring men in the world.

He is flying back from Chile tomorrow. If you have a moment, please keep him in your prayers.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wedding #1 Attire (and a vent session)

So the first of this year's weddings is this weekend. My cousin is getting married** on Saturday in a field in North Carolina. Fingers crossed that it stays 76 and sunny as is currently predicting. Because me? I'm wearing this:

I'm trying to figure out what shoes to wear. My options are nude peep-toe slingbacks with a tiny bow on the front (think 1950's) or silver Nina peep-toe slingbacks. I'm probably wearing a pearl and silver jewelry combo. Both pairs are as well-equipped for standing in a field (no seating is provided) as anything cute I can find. No dancing (or drinking) due to the fact that the reception is being held in the student center of a Theological Seminary.

Mr. Preppy and I will be leaving Augusta around 9-ish Saturday for the 4pm wedding (since it's a 5 hour drive and I have absolutely no clue how to get there except my picture/text/map versions from GoogleMaps). We will also be driving back to Augusta as soon as we can slip out of the reception (no alochol = no need to stay there for the night). Please pray for him (more so than me, I'm used to the snide/rude/barely concealed comments and insults -- he isn't -- and he's meeting everyone for the first time). All I can say is he must love me because he's been warned in advance and he's still willing to go.

***This has caused major drama because he is the golden child on that side and even though I'm not engaged, his engagement managed to spark a lecture from his mother (!) to me through another cousin (who actually took my side and was just giving me a head's up in case my aunt decided to actually go there with me) about why I shouldn't get married or rush into anything. Umm, hello? He's known this girl for less time than Mr. Preppy and I have been a couple. Apparently it's ok to rush in if you met at a Theological Seminary. Anyway.
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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Just In Case You Were Wondering...

...this is what happens when you are up until after 3 am (when you started before 9 pm) working on a county library budget (a faux budget for a non-existent county for a public administration class that will NEVER help you when teaching high schoolers about government... not that I'm bitter or anything) that must be completely rearranged. After you've been up since 5 am and been thrown into a subbing assignment at a school that you only went to in order to OBSERVE a teacher and you are dealt with the WORST KIDS IN THE SCHOOL WHO MAKE YOU FEAR FOR YOUR LIFE AND STRIKE THAT SCHOOL FROM YOUR "I MAY WANT TO TEACH THERE SOMEDAY" LIST IMMEDIATELY.

You get a little silly because you can't wind down to be able to fall asleep.

At which point you start posing your fur-child (who has been asleep since 9 pm on her puppy bed under the bench in your room to avoid your aggravation) with her favorite squeaky toy, Monsieur Monkey (yes, that is his name, and yes, I say it with a horrible French accent).

... and at that point, you can finally go to sleep.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring, Sundresses, and Sewing

Need help ladies.

I have some deep orange linen material, white on white seersucker material, pink on white seersucker material, and red on white seersucker material... that I've had for literally 3 years and done nothing with.

That's going to change. I am dusting off my Singer (that's my sewing machine, y'all, not some American Idol castoff I purchased on the black market) and in an effort to welcome spring I will be attempting to make some sundresses. My favorite style sundress is a simple strapless with a natural waist and some flowy-ness (I know, I'm making up words here) at the bottom. Slightly above-knee to knee-length. Kinda like this J.Crew embossed beach dress (that I may or may not already own in a couple of solids):

The problem?

I have no pattern. And in no way, shape, or form am I willing to cut apart one of my (totaling over 100 at this point) dresses to make one of my own. I am running out of places to look online to see if any are even available (for such a classic silhouette you'd think there would be several). I'll be hitting up Hobby Lobby tonight on the way home and JoAnn's and Hancock Fabrics over the weekend. Cross your fingers pretty please.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Read at Your Own Risk

As I sat here typing the following post, coworker hacked up a chunk of either bodily fluids that have congealed or a part of her lung... not sure which... ON TO HER COMPUTER SCREEN AND IS PLAYING WITH IT.

Ok, so today's vent:

Coworker's stomach is making very not-nice noises because she decided to go get soup from Ruby Tuesday's AND an assorted "value" (I'm using the term loosely because I "value" my life way too much to eat one of these) meal from Taco Hell. I am almost sick to my own stomach because of the concert hers is giving.

This started after she reached into another coworker's jar of jelly beans with her bare hands although a silver scoop was provided after she's been coughing and sneezing all over her hands all day and brags about NEVER WASHING HER HANDS AFTER SMOKING OR USING THE RESTROOM.

Also, her 14 year old son (in 6th grade) has multiple STDs and she has been blaming the school system during the entire morning. Seriously?

And we just had to explain to her how the lottery works and why there is never a guaranteed winner because she just "ain't understandin' how in this whole big ole wide world with all these folks a-playin this here lottry [no e sound] ain't nobody won." I just cringed typing that sentence.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday to Beat All Mondays

So I decided upon waking up (from a horrific dream) that today was going to be a great day, despite the fact that it is Monday. That went well for approximately 2 hours, until I got to work. On the way to work I was dancing in my car, listening to fun music, getting into a good mood, all excited because my trashy coworker is off today and we don't have to listen to her (or smell her yucky cigarette-ness).

Then I got to work.

I forgot in my lovely planning that I had to return all the messages that had accumulated on said absent coworker's voicemail over the weekend (which totaled 20) as well as those I had accumulated on my own in the 10 minutes after we opened until I managed to get my computer up and running (totaling 12). I also had to call and/or email those patients who had send in paperwork or an appointment request through our website from yesterday and today (and there were some from 2AM). We opened at 8:30 and I finally got everyone called back and was caught up a little after 10.

I now have a sore throat from talking so much, a horrible lecture to sit through from 2 to 4:45 (if she actually conducts class for the entire time), a chemistry lecture and lab, then it's off to see Mama at work to help her with our Verizon stuff.

And my favorite stapler just broke. This just proves that you should NEVER expect to have a good Monday.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

One Spoiled Canine

If anyone had any doubt that Preppy Pup was, in fact, preppy, let me give you a quick run down of her birthday presents (yes, her birthday was Sunday, and yes, she gets presents):

*Pink Snuggie (picked out by Mr. Preppy) -- see below
*Coach dog collar (in addition to the other one she got for Christmas)
*Dog dress made from Lilly Pulitzer fabric... she may be getting two, but I haven't decided about the second one yet.

Oh, and I'm on a search for a new set of pearls for her. Her last set that actually fit well fell off in the backyard, and, well, our yard-people brought me bits and pieces of it after their mowers attacked it. Sad, sad moment. If any of you know where I can find any (I know, what a stretch), please let me know.

Please ignore the as-yet unreplaced flooring in our laundry room. And the fact that my BlackBerry refused to send this picture right-side-up.