Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where's Preppy Pup?

Take a tour of my bedroom (obviously during the summer because there's GREEN outside my window) and find Preppy Pup in each picture:

Oh, look, my bed is actually made and my room is actually clean (except my pill bottles on the night stand (notice the Disney Princess chewable vitamins) and my pink Remington ear muffs).

Holy ears Batman! Is that you hiding in my pillows?

Nope, just a pooch being nosy and staring at the people in the park.

Hey, Tess (dog next door)! Tess! What's up buddy? Whatcha doin' out there? Aw man, she's digging and can't hear me. I wonder if I can convince Mommy to let me out so I can dig?

Oh! Oh! Hi Mommy. I'm just fluffing these pillows for you. Uh, yeah, that's what I'm doing.


  1. I love the brown/seagreen color combo in your room. I had never thought of those two colors together but they look great!! The color on your wall looks cheerful too!

  2. love the colors and thanks for letting us get a glimpse of your room style. Lovely!

  3. Just found your blog--> ADORABLE!!! you have a new follower!