Friday, January 15, 2010

Tacky Much?

Several of Mr. Preppy's friends have gotten engaged recently (including one of his female friends who is marrying someone I went to high school with and briefly semi but not really dated shortly before Mr. Preppy... that wedding won't be awkward in the least... not, not at all), which is not getting to him as much as it's getting to me. However, that's not the reason for this post. With these upcoming weddings I'm noticing a disturbing not-just-a-little-tacky trend...
Facebook Save the Dates.

Yes, really. Mass messages instructing us to save the date. It's worse than Emma's frantic misspelled email in Bride Wars. These not only include the date, but a request for mailing addresses. So we have a double-duty save the date sent to everyone you know through faceboook but not well enough to know their actual email or physical addresses.

I can't even think about all that is wrong with this. I'm going to miss our refrigerators being eclipsed by tradition Save the Dates...


  1. Oh so agree. Tacky to say the least. Funny how save the dates didn't exist like 10 years ago and now it is save the date facebook. why not just twitter RSVP for their preference of chicken or fish? ha!

  2. Seriously?

    Now, I'm not totally against, say, having a private Facebook group for the wedding party - it's an easy way to send out updates if everyone is an avid Facebook user. But I'm a total social media junkie so I'm a little weird like that. But as a Save the Date? Um, no. That's just uncalled for.

    Besides, why miss out on all the fun of selecting prints and graphics and fonts and pictures for Save the Dates?

  3. Ok, I TOTALLY admit to sending out a mass facebook email asking for physical addresses...but I still mailed a Save the Date!! That's not bad, is it?