Sunday, January 31, 2010


I cannot find my tv remote (for my new bedroom tv that hasn't been programmed onto my universal cable remote... ahem, Mr. Preppy?) to be able to change my input back to tv from the dvd player and the new and improved tv won't allow me to change the input on it without the remote. This means that I cannot be snuggled up into my warm, clean, fluffy, comfy bed while watching Big Love at 11. See, I need to be able to curl up and fall asleep as soon as the end credits come up. I do not need to get up off the sofa and turn out all the lights and put the dogs to bed (only Preppy Golden and Preppy Lab... Preppy Pup sleeps upstairs with me) and THEN crawl up the stairs and into my room and manage to fall into bed.

Serious. Problem.

**Yes, I admit that I am a high maintenance brat. Sometimes.


  1. completely understandable. com-plete-ly. i am the same way with golden girls. need to fall asleep with it on.

  2. I think maybe our remotes eloped together, because mine has also been M.I.A. lately. :) Hope they come back soon!

  3. First of all, so jealous on your new header and buttons. LOVE IT! How in the world did you do it- ohh email me! Anyway, I have that problem too but its my son that always has it hidden somewhere because he was chewing on it!

  4. No I agree-that's a huge problem. I'd be devastated! xoxo