Saturday, January 23, 2010

Much Needed Distraction...

With all the upcoming engagement parties, graduations, and weddings this year, I'm already looking for summer cocktail and party wear. I'm sure I'll progress to looking for fall items by May. The reasons I'm looking so early are 1) I will possibly need things taken in/ hemmed and need to give ample time for that, and 2) I need plenty of time to shop on my teeny tiny budget. I felt the need to show you my latest obsession that I WILL wear to something, once I find one that isn't $298 (thank you Lilly, thank you):

{photo credit: Lilly Pulitzer}

I have the perfect pair of bronze Ralph Lauren high-heeled sandals to wear with this.

I have been browsing online and helping my mother photoshop some pictures all day in an effort to avoid dealing with this:

That would be the remnants of two very tall pine trees that used to grow across the street, near the parking area for one of our county parks. Our county felt that "cleaning up the road" meant "toss into these ladies' yard since they won't think they can do anything about it." In addition to this, one of the trees is still leaning on top of the power lines that, you know, supply us with electricity and stuff that I really don't like going without. We have called the county with no success, so hopefully this will hold until Monday, at which point I will show up in our Mayor's office (our city/county is consolidated, so he's the head of people for me to pester for each) unannounced and without an appointment. Hey, Deke, this is me giving you a head's up. I can be distracted by dresses and shoes for only so long before I just make you address my problems.

Hopefully I won't have to resort to that, or else I'll have to update my background check for school (all future teachers have to do it) with an "assault on mayor" charge.


  1. Your county is failing. That's not cool and I'd be super mad if it took out my power line! GOod luk with it!

    That dress is ADORABLE. And I'm not even a big fan of Lily!

  2. I would be scared of you. Southern Girls know how to get the job done if you get us mad enough. You go Girl! Show them what your made of and when your finished then head on over to Nordstroms and get you a new dress! You deserve it right?

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