Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gift Card Woes

I received a bag of things from Bath & Body Works from my coworkers for my birthday. I am very sensitive to their products... so sensitive that if I'm in the store longer than 30 seconds I immediately develop a migraine and am stopped up for at least the next 24 hours. Imagine how much fun I had when I went to return it. I had the original receipt (thankfully when it was purchased one thing was the "wrong" scent so I could get away with asking for it since she didn't have a gift receipt) and the items were purchased with a debit card. When I worked retail a short while ago, items purchased with debit cards were returned as you return items purchased with checks -- return = cash. I thought that's how this transaction would end.

Silly me.

My choices were a) return to my coworkers debit card, or b) take a $56.71 merchandise credit. Not wanting to offend my coworker, I opted for the credit. Now, the only things I can stand from there are hand soap and the Blue Spa line (for the most part). I'm all stocked up on the spa products and I refuse to buy almost $60 worth of soap. I could keep the card and use when needed, but that means walking into the store or ordering online (and ordering online means s&h costs), neither of which I like to do.

My new plan is to sell/swap this gift card (preferably for a Sephora card to add to my stash of those), but only places I found online only offer about 50% of the total value. I kind of feel like that's not worth it. Have any of you had to do something similar? Have you had any better luck? Any other solutions I haven't thought of/found?


  1. That stinks! I understand though, if I received something that caused my migraines to flair up I'd be distraught too.

    Maybe you could try a gift-card-swap post on here? I bet lots of readers would love to get a B&BWorks gift card, and might have something you would like in return!

  2. I had a similar incident with Nordstrom they would not let me exchange a gift and instead tried to give me CASH back on a credit card purchase! Seriously? I just had it credited back to the card.