Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Day of Class

Today is the first day of class for the spring semester. As much as I dread this semester (I've gotten entirely too used to Mr. Preppy being in at least one class with me, but he had to go and graduate... the nerve), there are two redeeming qualities that make me a tiny bit excited.
  1. I only have one class on Wednesdays, so I can ease back into the routine (and only 5 classes overall, woohoo!).
  2. This is my last semester of "class-class." Since I am an education major graduating this December (oh. my. gosh. I cannot believe it's finally in sight.), I will be doing my apprenticeship (semester-long student teaching) in the fall. These 5 classes are the last classes I have to take, this is the last time for me to drive to campus all the time, these were the last books I'll have to buy... it's overwhelmingly exciting.
Are any of you dreading getting back in the grind after the holidays? Or, like me, do you have certain redeeming factors that help you not mind so much?


  1. Love your Blog! My mom has been telling me about it forever and I finally made it here! I am Shellie Tomlinson's daugther and just started a food blog of my own called KitchenBelleicious. It is a work in progess but its something that I am passionate about so hopefully it will take off! You and the Short & sassy Southern Mama remind me of me and my friends!

  2. Isn't it a little terrifying to know that come December, school will be over? I've had a few minor freakouts over it, especially as my 'what I want to do' has started changing.

    My classes don't start until Wednesday. I've got a heavy course load this semester so we'll see if I survive!

    Good luck easing back in! And you're right - how dare Mr. Preppy!