Saturday, January 16, 2010

Early Onset?

So I think I have early symptoms of Alzheimer's... I was trying to explain to Mama who the actors were in the new show on ABC, The Deep End, and this is how the conversation went (keep in mind I was in our living room and she was in the kitchen for the beginning of this conversation, so I was yelling):
(me) Hey, that creeper is on here! You know, the guy from Titanic. The one that's not Leonardo DiCaprio. The bad one.

(her) Billy Zane?

(me) Yeah, him. And ooh! Ooh! It's Jack from Jack and Bobby, you know the show that we watched religiously because of hottie Jack and we were really really upset when the CW cancelled it? HE'S on here! Woohoo, hottie!

(her) Oh yeah? Who else?

(me) That girl, I know who that is! It's, it's, it's, umm.... oh! It's the creepy psycho bad vampire from Twilight!! Victoria! It's HER!! EW!

(her) Really? (walking into room) Oh! That guy's on True Blood!

So perhaps it's a hereditary thing where the women in this family can't remember an actor's name for anything. I mean, after all, I did remember Billy Zane's appearance on Oprah right after Titanic came out (I won't even go into how crazy obsessive stalkerish in love with Titanic I was. I had 5 framed movie posters in my 15 x 15 bedroom. Just sayin'. ). I vividly remember he'd just shaved his head and he walked on stage carrying a baby doll to play up the scene where he grabs the girl so he can get a spot on a lifeboat (and I haven't seen Titanic in at least 6 years), but I can't remember his darn name to save my life.

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  1. Just so you know, if you realize that you've forgotten something, it's not a sign of Alzheimer's. If you claimed to have never known his name to begin with and actually believed yourself, that would be a bad sign. But what you've just described is nothing out of the ordinary, at all.