Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ahhh, taxes...

So I was trying to be productive today at work (ha) because my boss handed out our W-2's this morning. Fabulous, right? I promptly logged into TurboTax to file and filled out all the little blanks. I even had enough deductions and credits and such to get an extra $400 back more than I paid last year (I realize $400 may not be much money to many people, but for a poor working, bill-paying, college student like moi... well, it kind of is... plus I've never gotten MORE than I've paid in before).

Yeah, until I got to the last page for federal.

My school form that I need to file is not going to be ready until tomorrow or Friday. Boo hiss.

...not to be discouraged, I signed up for an email notification when that form is available. I clicked my way over to the state forms.

and AGAIN they aren't available. I shouldn't be handed my W-2 until all stupid tax forms are finalized and accessable. I had dollar signs in my eyes the refund was so close.

So boo hiss on the IRS (I will refrain from bursting into my Go FairTax cheer at this time).

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  1. Taxes is an ugly word! I hate them and I am sick to my stomach thinking about getting patrick's W-2 in. Yikes, we ALWAYS seem to owe the gov money! Maybe I should cheat this year-HA!Just kidding IRS watchers I wouldn't do that!