Sunday, January 31, 2010


I cannot find my tv remote (for my new bedroom tv that hasn't been programmed onto my universal cable remote... ahem, Mr. Preppy?) to be able to change my input back to tv from the dvd player and the new and improved tv won't allow me to change the input on it without the remote. This means that I cannot be snuggled up into my warm, clean, fluffy, comfy bed while watching Big Love at 11. See, I need to be able to curl up and fall asleep as soon as the end credits come up. I do not need to get up off the sofa and turn out all the lights and put the dogs to bed (only Preppy Golden and Preppy Lab... Preppy Pup sleeps upstairs with me) and THEN crawl up the stairs and into my room and manage to fall into bed.

Serious. Problem.

**Yes, I admit that I am a high maintenance brat. Sometimes.


Alrighty, y'all... I have this FABULOUS new layout thanks to Amy (for hosting the giveaway) and Stephanie at Dirt and Lace Designs (who put up with me ever so patiently over the last couple of weeks). I love love love the new look.

What do y'all think?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Much Needed Distraction...

With all the upcoming engagement parties, graduations, and weddings this year, I'm already looking for summer cocktail and party wear. I'm sure I'll progress to looking for fall items by May. The reasons I'm looking so early are 1) I will possibly need things taken in/ hemmed and need to give ample time for that, and 2) I need plenty of time to shop on my teeny tiny budget. I felt the need to show you my latest obsession that I WILL wear to something, once I find one that isn't $298 (thank you Lilly, thank you):

{photo credit: Lilly Pulitzer}

I have the perfect pair of bronze Ralph Lauren high-heeled sandals to wear with this.

I have been browsing online and helping my mother photoshop some pictures all day in an effort to avoid dealing with this:

That would be the remnants of two very tall pine trees that used to grow across the street, near the parking area for one of our county parks. Our county felt that "cleaning up the road" meant "toss into these ladies' yard since they won't think they can do anything about it." In addition to this, one of the trees is still leaning on top of the power lines that, you know, supply us with electricity and stuff that I really don't like going without. We have called the county with no success, so hopefully this will hold until Monday, at which point I will show up in our Mayor's office (our city/county is consolidated, so he's the head of people for me to pester for each) unannounced and without an appointment. Hey, Deke, this is me giving you a head's up. I can be distracted by dresses and shoes for only so long before I just make you address my problems.

Hopefully I won't have to resort to that, or else I'll have to update my background check for school (all future teachers have to do it) with an "assault on mayor" charge.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gift Card Woes

I received a bag of things from Bath & Body Works from my coworkers for my birthday. I am very sensitive to their products... so sensitive that if I'm in the store longer than 30 seconds I immediately develop a migraine and am stopped up for at least the next 24 hours. Imagine how much fun I had when I went to return it. I had the original receipt (thankfully when it was purchased one thing was the "wrong" scent so I could get away with asking for it since she didn't have a gift receipt) and the items were purchased with a debit card. When I worked retail a short while ago, items purchased with debit cards were returned as you return items purchased with checks -- return = cash. I thought that's how this transaction would end.

Silly me.

My choices were a) return to my coworkers debit card, or b) take a $56.71 merchandise credit. Not wanting to offend my coworker, I opted for the credit. Now, the only things I can stand from there are hand soap and the Blue Spa line (for the most part). I'm all stocked up on the spa products and I refuse to buy almost $60 worth of soap. I could keep the card and use when needed, but that means walking into the store or ordering online (and ordering online means s&h costs), neither of which I like to do.

My new plan is to sell/swap this gift card (preferably for a Sephora card to add to my stash of those), but only places I found online only offer about 50% of the total value. I kind of feel like that's not worth it. Have any of you had to do something similar? Have you had any better luck? Any other solutions I haven't thought of/found?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Mid-Week Update

So apparently Mr. Preppy doesn't read my blog as often as I previously thought (the dirty stinkin' liar). I sent him a chat invite from my blog email instead of my personal named email (which is actually how I have to log in to actually access blogger... if anyone knows how to change your log in email from one gmail to another, please let me know). I had to text him to make sure he actually recognized the name and accepted so I could catch up on some of those emails while I gchatted with him (productive, I know).


Anyway. I will soon be getting a blog makeover courtesy of Dirt and Lace Designs because I won Sweet Home Amy's 300th post giveaway (seriously, y'all, I shrieked and danced my hiney around the living room when I saw that I won... I think I scared Mr. Preppy and Preppy Pup.). I may be absent from blogging for a few days this week to take care of that and because I have my first round of testing coming up. Already. Yes, it is the 2nd full week of class (and not even technically a full week since we were out Monday).

So basically what I'm saying is, please forgive me if I don't post as often this week. I promise I will still be reading yours and trying to leave some love when I can. I'll try to have a few scheduled posts as I have an award to acknowledge among other things.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Where's Preppy Pup?

Take a tour of my bedroom (obviously during the summer because there's GREEN outside my window) and find Preppy Pup in each picture:

Oh, look, my bed is actually made and my room is actually clean (except my pill bottles on the night stand (notice the Disney Princess chewable vitamins) and my pink Remington ear muffs).

Holy ears Batman! Is that you hiding in my pillows?

Nope, just a pooch being nosy and staring at the people in the park.

Hey, Tess (dog next door)! Tess! What's up buddy? Whatcha doin' out there? Aw man, she's digging and can't hear me. I wonder if I can convince Mommy to let me out so I can dig?

Oh! Oh! Hi Mommy. I'm just fluffing these pillows for you. Uh, yeah, that's what I'm doing.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Early Onset?

So I think I have early symptoms of Alzheimer's... I was trying to explain to Mama who the actors were in the new show on ABC, The Deep End, and this is how the conversation went (keep in mind I was in our living room and she was in the kitchen for the beginning of this conversation, so I was yelling):
(me) Hey, that creeper is on here! You know, the guy from Titanic. The one that's not Leonardo DiCaprio. The bad one.

(her) Billy Zane?

(me) Yeah, him. And ooh! Ooh! It's Jack from Jack and Bobby, you know the show that we watched religiously because of hottie Jack and we were really really upset when the CW cancelled it? HE'S on here! Woohoo, hottie!

(her) Oh yeah? Who else?

(me) That girl, I know who that is! It's, it's, it's, umm.... oh! It's the creepy psycho bad vampire from Twilight!! Victoria! It's HER!! EW!

(her) Really? (walking into room) Oh! That guy's on True Blood!

So perhaps it's a hereditary thing where the women in this family can't remember an actor's name for anything. I mean, after all, I did remember Billy Zane's appearance on Oprah right after Titanic came out (I won't even go into how crazy obsessive stalkerish in love with Titanic I was. I had 5 framed movie posters in my 15 x 15 bedroom. Just sayin'. ). I vividly remember he'd just shaved his head and he walked on stage carrying a baby doll to play up the scene where he grabs the girl so he can get a spot on a lifeboat (and I haven't seen Titanic in at least 6 years), but I can't remember his darn name to save my life.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tacky Much?

Several of Mr. Preppy's friends have gotten engaged recently (including one of his female friends who is marrying someone I went to high school with and briefly semi but not really dated shortly before Mr. Preppy... that wedding won't be awkward in the least... not, not at all), which is not getting to him as much as it's getting to me. However, that's not the reason for this post. With these upcoming weddings I'm noticing a disturbing not-just-a-little-tacky trend...
Facebook Save the Dates.

Yes, really. Mass messages instructing us to save the date. It's worse than Emma's frantic misspelled email in Bride Wars. These not only include the date, but a request for mailing addresses. So we have a double-duty save the date sent to everyone you know through faceboook but not well enough to know their actual email or physical addresses.

I can't even think about all that is wrong with this. I'm going to miss our refrigerators being eclipsed by tradition Save the Dates...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ahhh, taxes...

So I was trying to be productive today at work (ha) because my boss handed out our W-2's this morning. Fabulous, right? I promptly logged into TurboTax to file and filled out all the little blanks. I even had enough deductions and credits and such to get an extra $400 back more than I paid last year (I realize $400 may not be much money to many people, but for a poor working, bill-paying, college student like moi... well, it kind of is... plus I've never gotten MORE than I've paid in before).

Yeah, until I got to the last page for federal.

My school form that I need to file is not going to be ready until tomorrow or Friday. Boo hiss.

...not to be discouraged, I signed up for an email notification when that form is available. I clicked my way over to the state forms.

and AGAIN they aren't available. I shouldn't be handed my W-2 until all stupid tax forms are finalized and accessable. I had dollar signs in my eyes the refund was so close.

So boo hiss on the IRS (I will refrain from bursting into my Go FairTax cheer at this time).

Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Palmetto Preppy!

**credit for picture:

This is my ideal birthday cake, but I felt the need to lend it to Palmetto Preppy for her birthday. Happy Birthday Bestie!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Umm, packages? Where are you?

I'm still waiting for all of my textbooks AND my new camera cord.

I am DONE with ebay, and by extension, sellers who say they've shipped something when you know they definitely haven't.


Until I need a new dress. Or something.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

First Day of Class

Today is the first day of class for the spring semester. As much as I dread this semester (I've gotten entirely too used to Mr. Preppy being in at least one class with me, but he had to go and graduate... the nerve), there are two redeeming qualities that make me a tiny bit excited.
  1. I only have one class on Wednesdays, so I can ease back into the routine (and only 5 classes overall, woohoo!).
  2. This is my last semester of "class-class." Since I am an education major graduating this December (oh. my. gosh. I cannot believe it's finally in sight.), I will be doing my apprenticeship (semester-long student teaching) in the fall. These 5 classes are the last classes I have to take, this is the last time for me to drive to campus all the time, these were the last books I'll have to buy... it's overwhelmingly exciting.
Are any of you dreading getting back in the grind after the holidays? Or, like me, do you have certain redeeming factors that help you not mind so much?

Friday, January 1, 2010


This year, I will:
  1. Use better language. This is extremely important to me because next year (hopefully) I will be teaching impressionable children, plus it's just not a classy thing to do. While I can control my language when I am concentrating on it, if something upsets me or shocks me or is in any way unexpected, I am not 100% sure I can. This is a result of working with less than classy people and being around all of Mr. Preppy's typical male friends.
  2. Lose 10 pounds. I really want to tone up while losing the weight. If I start on this now and maintain my goal weight then it will be that much less stress before big events. Plus I can wear my old jeans.
  3. Take Preppy Pup for a walk several times a week. We have a backyard that the puppies "use" for their own purposes, so there's no real need for her to go on walks, but she and I both enjoy them. I need to make more time to spend with my precious girl.
  4. Go to church more often. Mr. Preppy and I will be joining a church together this year. This would have happened earlier but he works most Saturday nights until 11 and is then to keyed up to sleep until 2 or 3. I felt horrible asking him to get up early and go to church every weekend. I knew he needed his sleep. We were still spiritual and religious people in 2009, but now that he's graduated and will soon not be working at his old job anymore (if he gets the big boy job he wants), we will be able to go to church on Sunday more often without being cranky.
  5. Save money. I will not be working this fall because I will be doing semester long student teaching. I won't have to take any summer classes so I will be able to work full-time, which will help, but I don't want to spend my last semester of college stressed because of money in addition to the stress I'll feel with all of the work I'll have due.
  6. Study more. I am taking less classes this spring than any semester in the last 2 1/2 years. I have had an 18 hour (6 class) course load each semester leading up to this, and I've done above average work. I am taking 16 hours this semester (4 3-hour classes and 1 4-hour class). I will be taking two political science classes (piece of cake, hopefully... I've gotten A's from each of these teachers before) and two education classes (same hope... I've gotten A's in each of my upper level education classes)... and one stupid chemistry class. I hope hope hope I will be able to get an A and have all A's for the first semester ever, but if I get 4 A's and 1 B I'll still make dean's list and be happy. I've never really put forth 100% for my classes because I've never had to, but I want to make the most of my last semester of college classes (since, technically, next fall isn't "class") and go out with a bang.
  7. Take my medicine regularly. I take two anti-anxiety medications but am HORRIBLE about remembering to take them. I'm going to make use of the senior citizen pill organizer that's on my nightstand and do my best to stay on top of it. Why not make my life less stressed?
  8. Clean my car out every weekend and wash it at least once a month. I let waaaay too much stuff build up in my car - school stuff, books, shoes, you name it. I want to be a more organized person... my school work (notebooks, files on my computer, etc.) are all organized because I am borderline OCD. This does not apply to the things in my car that I can't see (since all the clutter is in the backseat).
  9. Stay on top of laundry. I know this doesn't seem like such a huge deal, but I promise you it is. I have easily 200 pieces of clothing on top of our guest bed that need to be fluffed and folded/hung and put away. I don't machine dry much of my clothing, so I need to fluff and de-wrinkle everything I hang dry before I put it away. That NEVER HAPPENS. I am going to work on getting rid of the massive pile of clothing this weekend, and work all year to make sure another doesn't accumulate.