Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time to Play Catch Up

Today is the first day I feel completely and totally relaxed. Thursday morning was my last final and I still am not completely positive how I did in that class. This sounds horrible, but it's a sophomore level political science class (the teacher education program required I go back and take it as a stipulation of my admission, which is why I'm just now taking it) and it required more work than my other 3 political science classes (which are senior level) combined. I am just crossing my fingers for a C. This professor and I have never and will never see eye to eye, partially because I know what a dirty old man/ fraud his is, and I'm a little worried that may affect my grade. The way the teacher education program works is that once you're admitted you have 3 semesters, not including summer, to finish. I'm only taking 5 classes in the spring, two education, two (somewhat easy) senior level political science, and a chemistry survey (ugh)... I haven't taken less than an 18 hour schedule since I came back home to go to school, except last summer but I was maxed out with a 14 hour summer load. My entire goal was to not have classes this coming summer since Mr. Preppy is officially finished with school and we can go on an official adult vacation next summer (another post regarding this major accomplishment will come soon)... if I make lower than a C in this class that dream flies out the window.

So basically, I guess keep your fingers crossed. Grades are posted by midnight tonight, which means I'll see them first thing in the morning. I know I have an A in both of my education classes as well as one of my political science classes, and I think I have a B in two of my other political sciences, but I feel sick every time I think of this class.

I'll be spending the day doing laundry, wrapping the few remaining unwrapped presents (some of them aren't completely here yet and some aren't quite finished (the throws we're having monogrammed for one friend and my cousins)), and helping Mr. Preppy finish shopping for our mothers... at least he knows what he's getting and just has to actually go get it.

On a semi-related note (at least related to Pandora and other charm bracelets), I know that some of the companies' charms are interchangeable, but I wasn't able to find a dog charm that I like to give my mother. I ended up getting her the silver Pandora bracelet, a four-leaf clover charm (since we're part Irish), and a gift box charm. Mr. Preppy is buying her the poinsettia charm since it's Christmas, but since we're crazy about our four legged family members I know she'd love a charm like that. The Pandora one (I'm sorry if any of you have it) looks ridiculous. My co-worker asked why they made the Target dog look, ahem, mentally challenged. If you haven't seen it, this is it:
I just can't see how that does either of our retrievers or my feisty little Miniature Pinscher any justice. So, instead of spending $25 on one I don't like and I felt positive she wouldn't like, I resorted to eBay. I didn't find any comparable brands with charms that were cute enough, but I did find a knockoff sterling silver dog charm. This one looks much more like a retriever (I think getting Preppy Pup's likeness in a charm the size of an eraser will prove impossible, but if any of you know where I can get one of those, please tell. This is the knockoff:
I know it's not as good a quality (although it is sterling silver, it's just missing the brand name), but I think it will pass the recipient likeness test. My only concern is whether or not it will fit the bracelet. Has anyone else every bought off-brand for something like this?

Sorry for such a long post... back later today or tomorrow with more news.


  1. I know that the chamelia charms fit the pandora braclets but not sure what dos charms they have. We have a minpin too so if you ever find a minpin charm please let me know :)I like that I can mix and match chamellia with my pandora. Matter of fact I bought myself a duck charm to put in my own stocking this is the website:

  2. If you have a Belk's in your area, check out their charms. I have a pink and green bracelet but I'm going to buy a simple Pandora bracelet one day. But Belks has some nice ones. They have sales often. Pandora can't.