Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Outside Your Means

Why do people insist on living outside their means? I have a coworker that is tres tacky (she has Nascar paraphenalia surrounding her desk... and by that I mean no less than 15 pictures of "her" driver, including a lifesizes poster, takes a 15 minute cigarette break every hour, and discusses her every bm (sorry, I hate to even type that abbreviation) with every individual in our office, employee or patient). She has recently turned 40, has a 24 year old daughter (who has a 7-month old son... I'll let you draw the conclusions I most likely already have), a 21 year old daughter, and a 14 year old son who has diabetes. She treats her daughters horribly and spoils her son. He is still in 6th grade. As a future educator, I feel at that point responsibility and blaim lay with the parent. She doesn't feel that way; instead she sees everyone as "out to get her."

She is not getting any Christmas presents for her older daughters. At. All. Now, I am spoiled to the nth degree because a) I am an only child, b) my parents divorced when I was 10, and c) I spoil myself when I am able (Mr. Preppy helps). I pay a mortage and homeowners' assocation dues every month, I buy my gas every other week, dinners and the like on occasion, and other necessities (yes, I am spoiled in that my car is paid for and my mother pays my cell phone and my car insurance). She hasn't had to pay rent since last March (office speculation is that she pays in, um, other ways) AND she makes more per hour than I do AND works at least 10+ hours a week more than I do AND she gets child support. She does, however, buy enormous amounts of [insert Nascar driver's name here] merchandise and buys her married boyfriend things fairly often. She also stops at McDonald's every morning for breakfast and buys 2 cartons of cigarettes per week. The other woman (one of my work moms) who shares an office with myself and said coworker and I constantly try to figure out how she can afford to do all this, yet repeatedly overdrafts her checking account. NOW, as I type (I know some of y'all must blog from work or class, don't judge), she's ordering her son a Wii... not that she really wants to get him that. She'd rather get him the XBox Elite but she can't find one. He's already rented $40 of movies from the cable company without permission, and he's lost several video games he's cost her about $200 at Blockbuster. What kills me most is not that she spoils him, but that she waits until 9 days before Christmas to start to begin shopping and complains about spending when she doesn't need to, and she refuses to admit she can't afford it.

I have been buying things for Christmas since spring or early summer, just because when I see things I know will be perfect for someone I know, I go ahead and buy it. I have been finishing up some of Mr. Preppy's presents because they have taken weeks to find exactly what I wanted and have it perfected (I'll elaborate more after Christmas since he may read this... I did have a minor meltdown about his graduation present that I will explain after Sunday). I have 9 presents left to wrap -- one for this coworker, one for my work mom I just mentioned, one for both of my twin cousins, one (a belated birthday present) for one of my friends (these last three are still being monogrammed), one for Mr. Preppy, one for Mama that hasn't arrived yet (the dog charm I mentioned in the last post), and two for the Chinese Christmas swap with my Daddy's family. Hopefully I will be finished with the half of these that are in my possession tonight... the three being monogrammed will be finished Friday and Mama's should be here by next Wednesday. I am one of those people who have all loose ends tied up well in advance, in all aspects of my life. It makes me crazy to be around those who can't... which may be why Mr. Preppy wants me to plan and organize everything since he's so laid back he's practically horizontal.

I know this was a train of thought post and I apologize. I need to vent to y'all since we can't vent about this in front of our coworker. I will be back soon with a goings-on post.


  1. A, I'm super impressed with you for being able to keep it all together like you do - school, work, a social life... Go you!

    B, My mom's best friend is so similar to this woman. She spoils her kids to no end and then complains about not having any money. It's frustrating when you personally see the flaws but they don't.

    I have to say, I rather enjoyed your vent!

  2. I'm a new follower and I am also totally impressed with how you've got everything together! And I actually laughed outright at the "so laid back...practically horizontal" line. Yes, I know people like that, and sometimes wish I could be...

    And I start shopping for Christmas in July too ;)