Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Anticipation (and a detailed account of Christmas purchases)

I cannot be more excited that Christmas is in 60 hours! If I haven't already mentioned it, my birthday also happens to fall on Christmas Day, so I am doubly excited... plus I can't wait for Mama and Mr. Preppy to open their presents! I love the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season (despite my grouchy comments to the contrary when shopping with Mama in PetSmart at 10pm last night) and Mr. Preppy and I have a PACKED schedule for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Christmas Eve I have to go to my Daddy's family's celebration from 2 - 4:45 (by myself since Mr. Preppy has to work), when I'll change really quickly and meet Mr. Preppy to head to church service at 6. After that we have a Christmas drop-in with his extended family. Christmas morning I'll do the birthday/tree/stocking thing with Mama and the puppies (I'll try to remember to take video of them opening their new toys, it's fabulous), after which my Mema (Mama's mama) and Pa and two aunts will come join us for Christmas dinner. Mr. Preppy will join us, too, we'll do those presents and head to his mom's house around 5. We'll stay there for a few hours and then drive around to look at Christmas lights.

I have gotten Mr. Preppy's mom the first two seasons of Mad Men (I still haven't watched an episode, so I'm hoping I can watch these with her and then get season 3 when it comes out to be all caught up). Mama's getting her Pandora bracelet with a present charm, a shamrock charm, a dog charm, and a poinsettia charm (the last one is Mr. Preppy's gift to her), a very cute mini covered cake plate, Martha Stewart cookbook, new marble coasters, matching table salt and pepper grinders (she is in desparate need of new ones), a tervis tumbler travel coffe mug, and a few other things that I've wrapped and forgotten about. My favorite tradition in our family is getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve... past ones included pink satin with white lace on the cuffs (I was 6) and white flannel with turquoise snowflakes and trim (last year). This year they will be the Victoria's Secret flannel in the Soldier Girl pattern. If you haven't seen them, they are a lavendar shade with tiny girl nutcrackers all over them, and y'all know about my obsession with the Nutcracker. I got Mama a pair of light flannel Lauren Ralph Lauren leopard print with red cuff lining (the arms cuff back to show the red as do the pants) with a five-point crown monogrammed on the pocket (for those of you not aware of my obsession with crowns, it's because my sorority's symbol is a five-point crown). She loves leopard print (no to an extreme, but she has touches of it everywhere), so these are perfect for her.

I can't talk about Mr. Preppy's Christmas presents yet, but I will do another post, maybe later today, about his graduation present and party we had Sunday night. I haven't taken a picture of the present totally finished yet, but he's assured me it's his favorite thing anyone has ever given him, so I'm pretty proud of it.

We got most of the presents for our puppies last night. I usually make a lot of homemade dog treats as well as a lot of people goodies to give to neighbors and friends in gift baskets, but I have been so slammed with work and helping do Mr. Preppy's graduation party that I didn't have the chance to this year. I will be making zucchini bread (people can also eat this, but I choose not to) for our dogs, my Mema's little rat thing (joking people, joking), Mr. Preppy's mom's mop-dogs (again, joking... but we all know Preppy Pup is superior to any of these wannabes), and Mama's best friend's dog (he, like Preppy Golden, is a cancer survivor, so I help spoil him). Our girls will each get a mini-loaf in their stockings, along with some sort of peppermint treats we got them last year. They are getting (for the most part we're not sure which toy is for which pet yet) a flamingo with rope legs and a squeaker and a squeaky monkey whose arms and legs aren't stuffed (this will most likely be Preppy Pup's since it's easy for her to carry) from Target. At PetSmart we found a fabulous sale -- everything Christmas-related was 50% off -- and finished their toy shopping there. Preppy Lab will be getting a holiday hedgehog, complete with pink eyeshadow and toenails and a Santa hat, that rattles, grunts, and squeaks (girl loves her stuffed hedgehogs, she ALWAYS gets a new one for Christmas). The other toys we've gotten that have yet to be decided are a rope circle toy with stuffed squeaky elf on top, a stuffed frog that ribbits, a stuffed gorilla that makes whatever noise a gorilla makes, and a three-pack of 18-inche (don't worry, it's thin enough for even Preppy Pup to tote around) Christmas/winter loofa dogs (original seen here) that includes a snowman, a reindeer, and, my favorite, a NUTCRACKER. We will be hitting the treat buffet at PetCo either tonight or tomorrow to pick up their other stocking-stuffers. Very unfairly, Preppy Pup is also getting a new collar. Not just any new collar, but a Coach dog collar.

I still haven't finished my wrapping I discussed earlier. I finally picked up the monogrammed blankets yesterday and will (hopefully) be wrapping them later tonight. I have to wrap one more of Mr. Preppy's presents, Mama's last charm and the charm Mr. Preppy got her, the present Mr. Preppy got his mom, and the puppies' presents . Hopefully I will be finished after that, but Mama is infamous for boxing and taping my presents and making me wrap them.

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