Tuesday, December 29, 2009

An Open Letter

Dear Laptop Warranty Techs,

While I appreciate it taking three and a half weeks, eight phone calls, and four five case numbers to finally convince you to send me a new hard drive since my original one sent itself to the great computer parts junkyard in the sky, after which my new hard drive arrived in one business day, I do not appreciate you FORGETTING TO MAKE AND SEND THE CUSTOM REBOOT CD THAT YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO SEND WITH IT. Please hurry your hineys up and get that to my door by Monday because classes start Wednesday and I have lots of other things I need to put on it before then. Like, you know, iTunes. And maybe Microsoft Office (maybe). Thanks.

Contemptuously yours,
Miss Preppy in Pearls

P.S. (for blog-readers only) Do you think, if I happen to, oh, say, forget to install Microsoft Office on said new hard drive that my professors will consider me exempt from all forthcoming paper assignments? No? Well, I tried.

Monday, December 28, 2009


First (and proof of an addiction), I received new pearls for my birthday from Mama. I opened (key word) a three-strand of pink pearls and matching pearl drops on Christmas morning. Today, I exchanged them for the same in white pearls. That was her idea since the only reason she bought pink was to have something to wrap since they were out of white at the time. The problem came when I bought a single strand of pink, well, you know, since my grandparents had gotten me pink pearl studs, I needed them, and I also got a new graduated strand of white pearls since it was easier and less hassle than having my broken strand restrung. I am getting more pearls, these custom made, later this week from Mama's best friend (she owns a custom jewelry business in addition to being an OR nurse).

I confess, I am addicted to pearls.

Second (and last) confession. I finally, after much internal struggle and deliberation, broke down tonight in TJ Maxx and purchased Twilight. To read. As in, I'm sucked into this thing I tried to avoid for far too long.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

You Like Me, You Really Like Me!

The Cowgirl Lawyer and Sarah at Wears Inappropriate Shoes have given me awards:

I received the Happy 101 Award from both of them...

... for which I am supposed to list 10 things that make me happy. So here goes, in no particular order.
1. Snuggling with Preppy Pup after a difficult day.
2. Snuggling with Mr. Preppy after a difficult day (what can I say, Preppy Pup never wants to discuss how her day was difficult, too)
3. The Christmas Season
4. Being the type of girl who is just as happy to stay in and watch a movie as she is to go out with everyone... maybe even happier to stay in.
5. Having such great friends and family, including all of you! Seriously, I am so incredibly fortunate.
6. Only having one semester left of real classes before graduation (next fall is my student teaching)
7. Anything monogrammed (although Mr. Preppy has banned all things monogrammed with my "current" initials...)
8. Warranties on products, because I definitely USE them.
9. Having been able to spend the wonderful 19 years I got to spend with my Daddy.
10. Having someone as wonderful as Mr. Preppy... he puts up with my sometimes (ok, almost always) high maintenance self, spoils me silly, loves Preppy Pup, encourages my sometimes silly behavior, and still lets me whine while he gives me a back or shoulder rub. I couldn't ask for a better half. :)

Cowgirl Lawyer also awarded me the Sugar Doll Award...

... for which I am supposed to list 10 facts about me.

1. I thought I had my dream wedding planned from age 16, but since Mr. Preppy and I have been together, that dream has changed significantly... but I have everything planned now, down to the favors. Now I'm just waiting for that left hand bling.
2. I am spoiled for three reasons - I am an only child, my parents divorced when I was in fourth grade, and Mr. Preppy insists on spoiling me.
3. I am incredibly clumsy, i.e., in the last two days, I've hit my head on the fire poker that was in the fire tool thingy holder while turning on the lights on our Christmas tree, and when putting a present in front of the (non-burning) fireplace (the present that I forgot to bring downstairs to give Mr. Preppy and only remembered when Mama saw it upstairs and asked me about it) Mama's (very heavy brass star-shaped) stocking holder fell on me and one star point stabbed me in the head and another stabbed me in the shoulder. Seriously, who gets injured by Christmas decorations?
4. I have been
that girl - the one who drives past a boys house to make sure there's not another girl there, and who reads emails because she has no trust (thank you idiots of my past)... thankfully I am past that and can admit it now. At one point Palmetto Preppy and I could've opened our own private investigation firm we were so good at it. I could even spy in stilettos ladies.
5. Aforementioned behavior finally ended when a) I realized very early on (like before we were "officially" a recognized couple) that Mr. Preppy was always with me and could therefore not be cheating, and b) his house is set so far back from the road that it's impossible to drive past it. (joking... sort of)
6. I get up each morning to check my email and facebook, but don't check blogs until I get to work. I depend on them to keep me going during the day because work can be B-O-R-I-N-G... and facebook is blocked.

7. I finally, after a horrifically long wait, have a pink Snuggie. With the free book light. Thank you, grandparents, for realizing what a huge dork and bookworm I am and seeing that I could not have one without the other. I did fail to consider that my just over 5 foot tall self may drag the tail of it, or trip over the front of it, a la the robes in a Harry Potter movie.
8. If Hogwarts were real, I totally would've begged to go. I have successfully converted Mr. Preppy into a Harry Potter fan.
9. I only see movies at the $1 movie theater (not an accurate nickname, as the movies are only .99 and only before 4pm, after which they are $1.99). I refuse to pay almost $10 AFTER my student discount to see a movie. I can wait a month.
10. After seeing the first Twilight movie (as noted, I will not see the second one until it goes to the cheapo theater), I may have to finally read the books. I have been protesting this for a while, but I'm just going to have to break down and do it.

Now, to pass these on to 10 of my favorite bloggers:
1. Katie at Let's Be Preppy
2. The Engineer in Heels and Pearls
3. Whitney at Glamorous Life of a Housewife
4. Mitsy at Tales of an All American Girl (yes, I know you have both of these already)
5. Amy at Sweet Home Amy
6. T-Shirts and Mini Skirts
7. Sweet, Sassy, Southern and Classy
8. Legally Blonde Mel at I Pick Pretty
9. Mrs. MBR at My Blonde Reality
10. Politics and Pearls

I am frantically searching for my camera cord to upload photos and will be posting as soon as the search is over.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, y'all!!!

...and Happy Birthday to moi. :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An Early Birthday Delivery

Pardon the poor quality, this was from my crappy 1.3 megapixel cell phone camera... I'll upload a better photo, along with ones from Mr. Preppy's graduation party, when I remember to grab the correct usb cable from my desk instead of the one that's too big.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Anticipation (and a detailed account of Christmas purchases)

I cannot be more excited that Christmas is in 60 hours! If I haven't already mentioned it, my birthday also happens to fall on Christmas Day, so I am doubly excited... plus I can't wait for Mama and Mr. Preppy to open their presents! I love the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season (despite my grouchy comments to the contrary when shopping with Mama in PetSmart at 10pm last night) and Mr. Preppy and I have a PACKED schedule for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Christmas Eve I have to go to my Daddy's family's celebration from 2 - 4:45 (by myself since Mr. Preppy has to work), when I'll change really quickly and meet Mr. Preppy to head to church service at 6. After that we have a Christmas drop-in with his extended family. Christmas morning I'll do the birthday/tree/stocking thing with Mama and the puppies (I'll try to remember to take video of them opening their new toys, it's fabulous), after which my Mema (Mama's mama) and Pa and two aunts will come join us for Christmas dinner. Mr. Preppy will join us, too, we'll do those presents and head to his mom's house around 5. We'll stay there for a few hours and then drive around to look at Christmas lights.

I have gotten Mr. Preppy's mom the first two seasons of Mad Men (I still haven't watched an episode, so I'm hoping I can watch these with her and then get season 3 when it comes out to be all caught up). Mama's getting her Pandora bracelet with a present charm, a shamrock charm, a dog charm, and a poinsettia charm (the last one is Mr. Preppy's gift to her), a very cute mini covered cake plate, Martha Stewart cookbook, new marble coasters, matching table salt and pepper grinders (she is in desparate need of new ones), a tervis tumbler travel coffe mug, and a few other things that I've wrapped and forgotten about. My favorite tradition in our family is getting new pajamas on Christmas Eve... past ones included pink satin with white lace on the cuffs (I was 6) and white flannel with turquoise snowflakes and trim (last year). This year they will be the Victoria's Secret flannel in the Soldier Girl pattern. If you haven't seen them, they are a lavendar shade with tiny girl nutcrackers all over them, and y'all know about my obsession with the Nutcracker. I got Mama a pair of light flannel Lauren Ralph Lauren leopard print with red cuff lining (the arms cuff back to show the red as do the pants) with a five-point crown monogrammed on the pocket (for those of you not aware of my obsession with crowns, it's because my sorority's symbol is a five-point crown). She loves leopard print (no to an extreme, but she has touches of it everywhere), so these are perfect for her.

I can't talk about Mr. Preppy's Christmas presents yet, but I will do another post, maybe later today, about his graduation present and party we had Sunday night. I haven't taken a picture of the present totally finished yet, but he's assured me it's his favorite thing anyone has ever given him, so I'm pretty proud of it.

We got most of the presents for our puppies last night. I usually make a lot of homemade dog treats as well as a lot of people goodies to give to neighbors and friends in gift baskets, but I have been so slammed with work and helping do Mr. Preppy's graduation party that I didn't have the chance to this year. I will be making zucchini bread (people can also eat this, but I choose not to) for our dogs, my Mema's little rat thing (joking people, joking), Mr. Preppy's mom's mop-dogs (again, joking... but we all know Preppy Pup is superior to any of these wannabes), and Mama's best friend's dog (he, like Preppy Golden, is a cancer survivor, so I help spoil him). Our girls will each get a mini-loaf in their stockings, along with some sort of peppermint treats we got them last year. They are getting (for the most part we're not sure which toy is for which pet yet) a flamingo with rope legs and a squeaker and a squeaky monkey whose arms and legs aren't stuffed (this will most likely be Preppy Pup's since it's easy for her to carry) from Target. At PetSmart we found a fabulous sale -- everything Christmas-related was 50% off -- and finished their toy shopping there. Preppy Lab will be getting a holiday hedgehog, complete with pink eyeshadow and toenails and a Santa hat, that rattles, grunts, and squeaks (girl loves her stuffed hedgehogs, she ALWAYS gets a new one for Christmas). The other toys we've gotten that have yet to be decided are a rope circle toy with stuffed squeaky elf on top, a stuffed frog that ribbits, a stuffed gorilla that makes whatever noise a gorilla makes, and a three-pack of 18-inche (don't worry, it's thin enough for even Preppy Pup to tote around) Christmas/winter loofa dogs (original seen here) that includes a snowman, a reindeer, and, my favorite, a NUTCRACKER. We will be hitting the treat buffet at PetCo either tonight or tomorrow to pick up their other stocking-stuffers. Very unfairly, Preppy Pup is also getting a new collar. Not just any new collar, but a Coach dog collar.

I still haven't finished my wrapping I discussed earlier. I finally picked up the monogrammed blankets yesterday and will (hopefully) be wrapping them later tonight. I have to wrap one more of Mr. Preppy's presents, Mama's last charm and the charm Mr. Preppy got her, the present Mr. Preppy got his mom, and the puppies' presents . Hopefully I will be finished after that, but Mama is infamous for boxing and taping my presents and making me wrap them.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Outside Your Means

Why do people insist on living outside their means? I have a coworker that is tres tacky (she has Nascar paraphenalia surrounding her desk... and by that I mean no less than 15 pictures of "her" driver, including a lifesizes poster, takes a 15 minute cigarette break every hour, and discusses her every bm (sorry, I hate to even type that abbreviation) with every individual in our office, employee or patient). She has recently turned 40, has a 24 year old daughter (who has a 7-month old son... I'll let you draw the conclusions I most likely already have), a 21 year old daughter, and a 14 year old son who has diabetes. She treats her daughters horribly and spoils her son. He is still in 6th grade. As a future educator, I feel at that point responsibility and blaim lay with the parent. She doesn't feel that way; instead she sees everyone as "out to get her."

She is not getting any Christmas presents for her older daughters. At. All. Now, I am spoiled to the nth degree because a) I am an only child, b) my parents divorced when I was 10, and c) I spoil myself when I am able (Mr. Preppy helps). I pay a mortage and homeowners' assocation dues every month, I buy my gas every other week, dinners and the like on occasion, and other necessities (yes, I am spoiled in that my car is paid for and my mother pays my cell phone and my car insurance). She hasn't had to pay rent since last March (office speculation is that she pays in, um, other ways) AND she makes more per hour than I do AND works at least 10+ hours a week more than I do AND she gets child support. She does, however, buy enormous amounts of [insert Nascar driver's name here] merchandise and buys her married boyfriend things fairly often. She also stops at McDonald's every morning for breakfast and buys 2 cartons of cigarettes per week. The other woman (one of my work moms) who shares an office with myself and said coworker and I constantly try to figure out how she can afford to do all this, yet repeatedly overdrafts her checking account. NOW, as I type (I know some of y'all must blog from work or class, don't judge), she's ordering her son a Wii... not that she really wants to get him that. She'd rather get him the XBox Elite but she can't find one. He's already rented $40 of movies from the cable company without permission, and he's lost several video games he's cost her about $200 at Blockbuster. What kills me most is not that she spoils him, but that she waits until 9 days before Christmas to start to begin shopping and complains about spending when she doesn't need to, and she refuses to admit she can't afford it.

I have been buying things for Christmas since spring or early summer, just because when I see things I know will be perfect for someone I know, I go ahead and buy it. I have been finishing up some of Mr. Preppy's presents because they have taken weeks to find exactly what I wanted and have it perfected (I'll elaborate more after Christmas since he may read this... I did have a minor meltdown about his graduation present that I will explain after Sunday). I have 9 presents left to wrap -- one for this coworker, one for my work mom I just mentioned, one for both of my twin cousins, one (a belated birthday present) for one of my friends (these last three are still being monogrammed), one for Mr. Preppy, one for Mama that hasn't arrived yet (the dog charm I mentioned in the last post), and two for the Chinese Christmas swap with my Daddy's family. Hopefully I will be finished with the half of these that are in my possession tonight... the three being monogrammed will be finished Friday and Mama's should be here by next Wednesday. I am one of those people who have all loose ends tied up well in advance, in all aspects of my life. It makes me crazy to be around those who can't... which may be why Mr. Preppy wants me to plan and organize everything since he's so laid back he's practically horizontal.

I know this was a train of thought post and I apologize. I need to vent to y'all since we can't vent about this in front of our coworker. I will be back soon with a goings-on post.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Time to Play Catch Up

Today is the first day I feel completely and totally relaxed. Thursday morning was my last final and I still am not completely positive how I did in that class. This sounds horrible, but it's a sophomore level political science class (the teacher education program required I go back and take it as a stipulation of my admission, which is why I'm just now taking it) and it required more work than my other 3 political science classes (which are senior level) combined. I am just crossing my fingers for a C. This professor and I have never and will never see eye to eye, partially because I know what a dirty old man/ fraud his is, and I'm a little worried that may affect my grade. The way the teacher education program works is that once you're admitted you have 3 semesters, not including summer, to finish. I'm only taking 5 classes in the spring, two education, two (somewhat easy) senior level political science, and a chemistry survey (ugh)... I haven't taken less than an 18 hour schedule since I came back home to go to school, except last summer but I was maxed out with a 14 hour summer load. My entire goal was to not have classes this coming summer since Mr. Preppy is officially finished with school and we can go on an official adult vacation next summer (another post regarding this major accomplishment will come soon)... if I make lower than a C in this class that dream flies out the window.

So basically, I guess keep your fingers crossed. Grades are posted by midnight tonight, which means I'll see them first thing in the morning. I know I have an A in both of my education classes as well as one of my political science classes, and I think I have a B in two of my other political sciences, but I feel sick every time I think of this class.

I'll be spending the day doing laundry, wrapping the few remaining unwrapped presents (some of them aren't completely here yet and some aren't quite finished (the throws we're having monogrammed for one friend and my cousins)), and helping Mr. Preppy finish shopping for our mothers... at least he knows what he's getting and just has to actually go get it.

On a semi-related note (at least related to Pandora and other charm bracelets), I know that some of the companies' charms are interchangeable, but I wasn't able to find a dog charm that I like to give my mother. I ended up getting her the silver Pandora bracelet, a four-leaf clover charm (since we're part Irish), and a gift box charm. Mr. Preppy is buying her the poinsettia charm since it's Christmas, but since we're crazy about our four legged family members I know she'd love a charm like that. The Pandora one (I'm sorry if any of you have it) looks ridiculous. My co-worker asked why they made the Target dog look, ahem, mentally challenged. If you haven't seen it, this is it:
I just can't see how that does either of our retrievers or my feisty little Miniature Pinscher any justice. So, instead of spending $25 on one I don't like and I felt positive she wouldn't like, I resorted to eBay. I didn't find any comparable brands with charms that were cute enough, but I did find a knockoff sterling silver dog charm. This one looks much more like a retriever (I think getting Preppy Pup's likeness in a charm the size of an eraser will prove impossible, but if any of you know where I can get one of those, please tell. This is the knockoff:
I know it's not as good a quality (although it is sterling silver, it's just missing the brand name), but I think it will pass the recipient likeness test. My only concern is whether or not it will fit the bracelet. Has anyone else every bought off-brand for something like this?

Sorry for such a long post... back later today or tomorrow with more news.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Pre-Finals Week Exhaustion

I will be an absent blogger for the next week. This is a glance into my life for the next 7 days:

  • Errands with Mama at 9
  • Study group 11-2
  • Work on take-home final for World Politics with Mr. Preppy
  • Correct and email out the health care bill our Congress class wrote
  • Take-home final for one of my Education class
  • Purchase new flash drive (a nice, big 8 or 16 gb one)
  • Bake 7 dozen peanut butter cookies... package and print 6 recipes
  • Paper for Congress class summarizing our pre-bill writing opinion, negotiations during bill writing, summarizing post-bill results, etc.
  • Make flash cards for Constitutional Law
  • Make flash cards for Global Issues
  • Cookie Swap at 1
  • Work 8:30-5
  • Turn in World Politics final
  • Turn in Congress paper
  • Congress final 6-8 (we're simulating Congress and trying to pass the bill we wrote)
  • Post-final dinner with class
  • Work 8:30-5
  • Turn in Education final
  • Study for Constitutional Law final
  • Work 8:30-12:30
  • Study for Constitutional Law final
  • Constitutional Law final 6-8
  • Study for Global Issues final
  • Study for Global Issues final (get up early)
  • Global Issues final 10-12
  • Work 12:30 - 5
  • Work 8-12
  • Work Christmas Party (yay!) 12:30 on

...only to spend that weekend doing more holiday treat making and Sunday at Mr. Preppy's work Christmas party, his graduation the following week, his graduation party/Christmas drop-in the weekend after... then it'll be Christmas! This month is flying by already!!!

Please forgive me for my upcoming absence. I will definitely be reading blogs when I need a study break but will be light on comments and posts.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Swap package... shipped.
Work presents... purchased.
Pandora bracelet... sitting in my car. :)

Now I have to work like a little elf and finish wrapping!

...oh, and do that whole finals week thing next week. :(