Wednesday, November 18, 2009

To-Do List through the Weekend

-Finish for my education class
-Paper for ConLaw
-Briefs for ConLaw
-Finish Paper for World Politics
-Send Thank You's to the teachers I observed during my labs
-Laundry... all 84,000 pounds of it... I'm not quite sure how I accumulate so much clothing
-Clean room (completely - dust, vacuum, scrub, make perfect) since people are coming to clean our ductwork Monday (yeah, I didn't know people did that either)
-Move our big &*# EXTRA entertainment center into storage so that NEXT weekend we can put up our tree
-Exchange VS Christmas pajamas (they run short if you're thinking of getting some... I'm between 5'2" and 5'3" and mine were too short before washing)
-Finish Christmas shopping (in person - for Mama - and online - for Mr. Preppy and Mr. Preppy's mama)
-Mail out silent auction thank you's


  1. My gosh, you are one busy bee! Good luck with all of this!

  2. I am giving out " sassy southern " blog awards and you are on the list !I think your blog is a southern treasure. I hope you can come by my blog and check out your award. @sweettnbiscuits