Saturday, November 14, 2009

Great Weekend

I co-chaired a wine tasting and silent auction for my sorority alumnae chapter that was held last night. It was VERY successful... we raised more than our goal amount and it was tons of fun!! Our old annual fundraiser was a golf tournament, but we raised about the same amount with much less work, and we all had more fun than sitting out on a (usually when we had our tournament) windy and cold golf course for hours. I'm pretty sure between my family and Mr. Preppy's family that came, they probably won about half the silent auction items.

I also finished my lab hours yesterday and surprisingly I felt sad when I left. I went into the experience thinking I would hate the school, but the only thing I really disliked was the 80 mile round trip drive each day. The teachers and students were wonderful. I have a few bigger assignments due in the next week, but I'll think of those tomorrow (I'm channelling Scarlett tonight, sorry y'all)... Tonight it's all about Little Women and An Affair to Remember.


  1. Congrats on a successful fundraiser! I agree - wine tasting and silent auctions sound WAY better than golf tournaments. :)

    Have a great rest of the weekend.

  2. So happy for you and your successful fund raiser. xoxo