Sunday, November 22, 2009

Check, Check, Sorta-Check

-Finish my project for my education class CHECK
-Paper for ConLaw CHECK
-Briefs for ConLaw CHECK
-Finish Paper for World Politics CHECK
-Send Thank You's to the teachers I observed during my labs CHECK (sorta - written, addressed, stamped, waiting to be mailed tomorrow)
-Laundry... all 84,000 pounds of it... I'm not quite sure how I accumulate so much clothing CHECK (currently doing this... it is taking DAYS)
-Clean room (completely - dust, vacuum, scrub, make perfect) since people are coming to clean our ductwork Monday (yeah, I didn't know people did that either) [doing later this afternoon]
-Move our big &*# EXTRA entertainment center into storage so that NEXT weekend we can put up our tree [unable to because of weather... hopefully this will be done this week]
-Exchange VS Christmas pajamas (they run short if you're thinking of getting some... I'm between 5'2" and 5'3" and mine were too short before washing) CHECK (sorta - packed, labled, waiting to be mailed tomorrow)
-Finish Christmas shopping (in person - for Mama - and online - for Mr. Preppy and Mr. Preppy's mama) CHECK (sorta - Mr. Preppy's item will be ordered later today, Mama's will be purchased next weekend due to an upcoming sale, and Mr. Preppy's mama's is ordered)
-Mail out silent auction thank you's [pending... I am waiting for the information from my co-chair to be able to send these]
-Put all of my Christmas cds onto my iPod. I am in desperate need of holiday music. CHECK

I also have my closest girlfriends' presents wrapped, the three that are being shipped are wrapped in standard brown on top of pretty paper and addressed (almost... waiting on which address they want them shipped to), and I will hopefully be wrapping more presents tonight or tomorrow night. Yesterday I went to Christmas Made in the South (if you don't know about it, it's a HUGE craft fair) and got a few goodies, after which I went to Mr. Preppy's mama's house to help her put up Christmas decorations. Her tree is completely up and the rest was put up after we left around 10 last night I think. I have one more assignment due this week and then it's all finals or final papers... and CHRISTMAS!

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