Monday, October 26, 2009

To-Do Update

*Laundry (84,000 loads) : approx 42,000 loads done
*Student Teaching Lab Hours this week (4 down, 20 to go) : 16 down, 8 to go
*At least 4 Reflections and 7 responses to other reflections about lab hours : 4 reflections, no responses done
*Roughly 200 pages to read for my Congress class : ~150 pages read, no quiz = success
*Another 100 pages for ConLaw : done
*Study for ConLaw test next week : test postponed a week, so this is n/a for now
*Collect Silent Auction items : original items picked up, new ones to be picked up
*Inventory Silent Auction items : inventory updated
*Sell tickets to Silent Auction, fill out tickets with buyers' information (this is the most irritating part) : waiting for people to send me money!
*Research for Global Policy : done
*Bathe dogs (an all day adventure) : will be done this weekend
*Clean room : half finished
*Unpack boxes from condo
*Catch up on correspondence
*Clean car
*Spend time with family and Mr. Preppy
*Figure out travel plans for the next two months (we have several football-related trips planned, as well as Thanksgiving and Christmas plans that aren't finalized) : football trips have been cancelled, thanks to Mr. Preppy's work schedule
*Make study schedule for finals (6 weeks left)
*Make list of Christmas/ birthday presents
*Order Christmas cards
*Get updated addresses
*Pay bills : done
*Figure out Halloween Plans

1 comment:

  1. Swap some of those classes for Econ or any one of my journalism classes and we'll have a very similar to-do list!

    I don't know if you've read Harry Potter, but I'd kill for one of those Time Turner things like Hermione had.

    Have a great weekend!