Monday, October 5, 2009

Rainy Monday Blahs

The high temperature here has gone from 77 degrees (Saturday) to 61 degrees (today). Add the fact that it's raining AND I have class until late and that puts me in an unhappy Monday blah mood. I wear scrubs to work every day but I change into regular clothes to go to class (yes, it creates more laundry, but it helps me feel like I'm not sitting in class in my pajamas). Today's outfit is blah - dark jeans, black cable 3/4 sleeve sweater, and my southern prep staple, the pink and black duck boots. It's not raining hard enough for me to justify wearing my pink wellies and my Sperry Pelican Loafers are hard to walk in on the slick tile floors we have on campus. Damp, dingy, and blah but that little bit of pink will cheer me up!

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