Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Morning Boredom

I am: about to start four of the most miserable weeks of my college career.
I think: cuddling with Preppy Pup (and/or, preferabley and Mr. Preppy) will ALWAYS cheer me up.
I know: I will never again (after this job) work with someone as lazy as I currently do. It's simply not possible.
I have: the best possible friends and family ever.
I wish: that I was better at time management. I'm a huge procrastinator.
I hate: that there are people who expect to not have to earn what they get in life and instead choose to live off of others.
I miss: my Daddy. He's been gone almost four years and his birthday is this Wednesday. I don't go a day without feeling that loss.
I fear: heights, small spaces, large crowds, snakes, roaches (ew, ick... but a Southern problem that can't be gotten rid of).
I hear: too much information from all the patients I talk to every day. Hint, I work at an OB/GYN, let your imagination run wild with those complaints.
I smell: my new perfume.
I crave: Mexican food. Seriously, all the time.
I search: for signs and symbolism.
I wonder: if baking and frilly aprons were invented to relieve stress, or if they just happen to be my stress relief.
I regret: not spending more time with Daddy.
I love: God, my family, my friends, Mr. Preppy, Preppy Pup (and the other preppy canines)
I ache: for people I see eating alone in restaurants.
I am not: flexible with plans. If something is planned, darnit, stick to the plan. My biggest pet peeve is having plans change at the last minute.
I believe: that Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year.
I dance: (d) for most of my childhood, until I fractured my ankle 9 years ago. Then (genius that I am) decided to take up tennis.
I sing: very quietly in church and very loudly in my car (when I'm alone).
I cry: often. Very often.
I fight: the desire to shop.
I lose: my mind when I try to write lesson plans.
I win: debates in class. My Con Law professors keeps trying to get me to go prelaw instead of education.
I never: thought I'd end up graduating from this college, but I'm glad I will because if I hadn't ended up here, I would never have met Mr. Preppy. Two nevers. :)
I always: wanted to be a sideline reporter. Until my very first journalism class at UT. Which was my first "real" college class (not counting joint enrollment College Algebra my senior year of high school). I stuck it out for the semester and became good friends with a couple of political science majors and changed my major after that first semester. I've never looked back. :)
I confuse: people when I talk because I leave out the connecting thought I had to get from thought a to thought b when I explain things.
I listen: to Preppy Pup snuffling in her sleep before I can go to sleep. It takes me forever to go to sleep without her.
I am scared: during haunted houses and trails. Last year I fell running away from the guy with the chainsaw in front of all my new coworkers. Yet I still go, every year.
I need: a variety of foods. I get bored with the same thing over and over. Except Mexican food. I'm always good which cheese dip and salsa.
I am happy about: finally being this close to graduation.
I can usually be found: at work, in class, or on my sofa at home. I have a very cute desk in my bedroom, but I work best from the sofa with my laptop and books surrounding me.

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