Thursday, October 15, 2009

Aunt-Niece Animosity

Preppy Pup has taken to attacking Preppy Golden (see left side of blog for a pic) lately. Now, Preppy Pup is going to be 6 in a few months, Preppy Golden just turned 12. I got Preppy Pup from one of my favorite teachers my senior year of high school (which was a rough year personally for me) when he couldn't keep her anymore (she was 7 months old). I bonded with Preppy Pup because she was something I could pour all of my energy into outside of school. We adopted Preppy Golden when I was almost 12, right after my parents divorced (on the day their divorce was final actually) because I am an only child and Mama figured I needed company. Preppy Golden is like a sister to me (seriously). Preppy Pup is my child (my furry, four-legged, illegitimate child).

In the time since Marley and Me came out last year, I've tried to spend more and more time with Preppy Golden because she is getting older and had a cancer scare about a year ago. I sobbed through the movie next to Mama and have realized that I've been neglecting her since I got Preppy Pup. Preppy Golden had been my constant companion through middle and high school, through adopting Preppy Lab (who is more loyal to Mama than me), and everything. She protected me the night someone tried to break into our house a mere two weeks after we adopted her. Mama would come in the morning after she tucked me into the covers and left Preppy Golden at the foot of my bed... only to find two blonde heads on the pillows. Preppy Golden crawled up under the comforter on my bed to snuggle next to me.

Anyway, long story short, I think Preppy Pup is feeling like I'm not just "her" person anymore. I was just in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner. I had left her on the sofa and Preppy Golden was walking around the house. I heard snarling and barking yipping and walked back in to see what was going on. Preppy Pup was in full defense mode on the sofa and Preppy Golden had slunk under the coffee table. Preppy Pup has her issues (separation anxiety among them) so she was shaking, her hair was standing on end, and she was growling really low. I picked her up and took her into the kitchen until I finished cleaning, where she never stopped growling. She is now tucked into the arm chair with Mama so that I can escape to Mr. Preppy's to work on a paper (obviously our canines are too distracting... that's why I'm blogging and not working).

Do y'all have these problems with animals?

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  1. Oh Preppy Pup! How I miss you haha. And yes. Soph Esq. seems to have huge issues with my bff's new pup (to be fair, the pup is about 5 times as large as Soph Esq.) We spend tons of time at their house and vice versa. Now that Sop Esq. realizes she is not the only pup between us 2 girls she spends her time wedged between us on the couch growling ominously at the pup. She acts like an ornery old man.