Saturday, October 17, 2009

And I was doing so well with this spending freeze...

So I document everything with pictures. Everything. I'm the friend at ALL gatherings with pictures. From the everyday pictures to candids at "events," I have photographic evidence. Which is why I decided to grab my camera to take pictures of what is sure to be the most humorous outing this month - taking all three of our dogs to the vet. A golden retriever, a chocolate lab, a miniature pinscher and two "capable" adults. What could go wrong you ask? Well, although Preppy Pup is a pro at walking on her leash, she is very excitable. Especially when Preppy Golden and Preppy Lab are with her. Also, the vet we use has a very small office, so two larger dogs pretty much take over.

Anyway. My camera, that I have loyally carried with me everywhere for the last 2 years (I have a Sony Cybershot that I purchased on Black Friday in 2007) is having issues. I LOVE this camera. It has taken great quality pictures with a minimal investment (I know I paid less than $150 for it). And today it is deciding that even with fresh AA batteries, it does not want to turn on. I'm giving it until 5pm today to start working until I go buy another one. Seriously. Tonight is a birthday dinner for one of my best friends and I haven't been out with the girls in over a month. Pictures are a must. Any suggestions on good quality cameras that won't break the bank? I'm doing much better than I thought on the spending freeze, so I have more than enough saved for this.

Please cross your fingers that my beloved Cybershot will get a new life by tonight. I really don't want to buy a new camera yet. :(

Update: My camera seems to be working right now... maybe it just needed to get used to the new batteries? I know I'll probably be getting a new one in the next few months, I just wanted to wait on Christmas sales and Christmas income (the doctors I work for give all of us a su-weet Christmas bonus each year). As long as it stays alive for at least the next month, I'll be ok. At least my mama was amazing and paid the vet bill for Preppy Pup (total for the three girls was $318).

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  1. I too am the picture taker in my group of friends/family. I'm working on a project for my grandparents for Christmas and since I live in Tennessee now, the number of pics I have of the family are drastically lower than back when I lived at home- getting pics from the family is like pulling teeth!

    If you have to get a new camera, I recommend anything Canon. I have a cannon and I LOVE it. Mine is a couple years old now and was a little pricier than what I would be able to spend on my college student budget, but they make some great cameras in their line for decent prices!